Manhattan Beach's Best Neighborhood

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As one of the most luxurious and refined beach cities in California, Manhattan Bay offers many appealing neighborhoods. Defining one as the best is challenging, as the definition will largely depend on what your needs are. By and far, the vast majority of people who move to Manhattan Bay are for one reason – its beach.

Because Manhattan Beach sits on the beach, living in a beachfront home is appealing to many who are making the move here. The Manhattan Beach Strand is one of the most desirable neighborhoods along the beach. This small beachfront section of the city has some of the most luxurious homes available in the city. Since they sit on the ocean, these homes offer unfettered view of the sand and surf. The homes are not wide, but they are tall. This allows plenty of square footage to be built in a small lot; so more homes can occupy the area without sacrificing comfort for residents. Rooftop decks are a common feature of houses on the Strand.

The Strand is part of the larger Sand district, the name given to homes on the beachfront in Manhattan Beach. Yet homes in the Strand are just a little more luxurious and spacious than their neighboring properties. Prices for properties here range between $3 million for a basic home all the way to over $20 million for a large home on a double lot. You may even be able to find an original 1920s-style Bungalow on the Strand.

If you are moving to Manhattan Beach because you want to make the most of living on the beach, then you will want to shop on the Strand. By buying one of these prestigious properties, you will have the beach, quite literally, as your backyard.