Manhattan Beach Gas Light District Homes for Sale

The Gas Light district of Manhattan Beach is a sub-community within the Tree Section of the city. As you might expect, it gets its name from the fact that there are old gas lamps placed along many of the streets in this area. These older lamps provide a dimmer light than most people are used to with electric street lights, but those living in the area typically appreciate the old fashioned look and feel of these classic lamps.

There are only a few hundred homes within the gas lamp district, and they are either newer built homes with classic architecture, or older post war homes from the 1940s. This combination of the new and the old gives this great part of the city a very distinct personality which residents really love. The homes are built on lots which average about 30x90 feet giving homeowners enough room to enjoy, but are not considered large compared to some neighboring communities.

The gas lamp district is located within walking distance of the beach, as well as the very popular Live Oak Park which gives residents several great outdoor entertainment choices. The beautiful beaches attract many people to the area, and it’s no surprise why. The great fishing, boating, swimming and sunbathing are excellent on and near the beaches of the gas lamp district.

Manhattan Beach Gas Light District Real Estate

If you’re not looking for fun near the water, the Live Oak Park is one of the nicest public parks in the city offering people of all ages great opportunities for fun. There is a great playground are for children, a botanic garden for adults and even an outdoor workout area for those looking to exercise outdoors. No matter what types of things you’re interested in, you’ll undoubtedly be able to find something you enjoy in Manhattan Beach’s Gas Light District.