Manhattan Beach Building & Development Standards

If you're looking to purchase an empty lot in Manhattan Beach so you can build or develop your own home than you need to make sure your home is up to the proper standards of the city. There are several very specific requirements which you must meet. Working with an architect or contractor who has built in this area before can help ensure that you’re going to be within the approved specifications, but it is good to know them yourself as well.

The following are some of the most important building and development standards to know before starting:

  • Standard Full Lot – 33.3x100 (3,400 Square Feet)
  • Maximum Building Height – 30 Feet
  • Front/Rear Setbacks – 5 Feet
  • Side/Rear Setbacks – 10% of the width of the property, but not less than 3 Feet.
  • Area District 3 – Residential Medium Density
  • Maximum Buildable Floor Areas – 1.6. As a general rule the maximum sized home you can have on a 3,400 square foot lot would be 5,440 square feet.
  • Open Space Requirement – The minimum requirement is 15% of the buildable floor per unit, but not less than 220 Feet

While these types of requirements may sound confusing to the average person, most contractors and architects will know exactly what these types of things mean. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to work with people who have experience in Manhattan Beach. Every city has its own specific requirements for building and development, and if mistakes or miscalculations are made it can result in fines from the city.

If you take the time to understand all the requirements you won’t have any trouble having your home built. You’ll be able to have it completed and ready for you to move in before you know it. Just keep in mind that these requirements are there to keep the buildings safe and looking great for the entire city!