While working in Real Estate, we’re exposed to countless individuals and their passions. At South Bay Residential, we’re honored to be able to support a few of the causes that are important to our staff and community.

A portion of each sale is donated to the charities we have below. Working within our beautiful communities is a luxury that we’re honored to have. Giving back and supporting local charities and community organizations is just one of the ways we help strengthen local neighborhoods.

The Children’s Miracle Network is one of the charities we’re most proud to sponsor. Supporting children within 170 of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is something we’re privileged enough to do. Along with the RE/MAX family, we make contributions to The Children’s Miracle Network at the close of every sale we do.

If you’ve ever had a pet, you know the joy they can bring which is why we’re proud to also support Bullies & Buddies, a local pit bull rescue. Bullies & Buddies is on a mission to help transform the public misconception that pit bulls are dangerous. Their goal is to find forever homes for dogs that are misplaced with nowhere to go.

The Kennedy Krieger Institute was founded in 1937 and has grown exponentially over the past 75 years. Their mission is to not only provide patient care to adolescents with developmental disabilities but to also fund research that can help find cures.

Leadership Manhattan Beach is a local leadership-training program we’re proud to donate a great deal of time to. Since its founding in 1992, 400 community members have participated in the program. The goal of Leadership Manhattan Beach is to help train community members for leadership roles within the community.

The Manhattan Beach Education Foundation was originally initiated in order to support local music and small art programs. Since its founding in 1983, the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation has become a multi-million-dollar non-profit that contributes to Manhattan Beach schools. The program supports smaller classroom sizes and a myriad of educational programs offered to students from K-12.

Formed back in 1991, the Redondo Beach Education Foundation (RBEF) was a grass roots campaign that was started by local parents. Being the first educational foundation in California, RBEF provides supplemental funding for programs at local schools. In recent years, they have formed a new Board of Trustees to try and revitalize this incredibly necessary resource. We’re proud to be a part of local schools in Redondo Beach.

LUNG FORCE is led by the American Lunch Association and is geared towards uniting women against lung cancer. Since lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer of women in the United States, LUNG FORCE believes that having a strong united force focused on lung health is the best way to fight this staggering statistic. They’re focused on educating women about their risks and promoting new research that’s focused on fighting lung cancer.

Homeboy Industries was founded back in 1988 by Father Greg Boyle. The program was initially created to address the need for employment opportunities for underprivileged youth that were involved with area gangs. Currently, the program offers several services for former gang members such as job training, skills, tattoo removal, legal services and mental health services. Throughout the years, the program has grown to include a farmers market, cafe, diner and merchandise.