Where can you Relax in Manhattan Beach?

Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/oscarparadela/5258354692/Manhattan Beach and the rest of the South Bay area provide plenty of places to relax and help you find clarity, purpose, and strength. From the beach to the many parks or even luxury transportation around town, it's easy to find a place to enjoy a little relaxation. However, when you want to really let your troubles melt away, the following spots will provide exactly what you're after.

Trilogy Spa - 451 Manhattan Beach Boulevard

Offering award-winning massage, body and facial treatments, Trilogy Spa is the perfect place to relax. Enjoy a monthly membership and get the treatments you need regularly or just schedule a day away from the world at the spa. Whether you just want an hour massage or you want a full package, they offer plenty of choices for your relaxing retreat.

Tropical Breeze Massage - 952 Manhattan Beach Boulevard

The certified massage therapists at Tropical Breeze Massage will help melt away all your troubles. They offer a luxurious experience inside a serene environment. Each treatment provides an excellent way to relax your mind and your body. Whether you prefer a hot stone massage or a deep tissue massage, you can get the treatment necessary for your time away from the regular world.

Elegance Boutique Spa - 3516 Highland Avenue

Another good choice for relaxation is a day at Elegance Boutique Spa. With massage therapy, manicures, makeup, body waxing, facial treatments and medical aesthetic services, you can get everything you desire. The ocean is close by and the environment found here is very relaxing. Choose from single treatments and packages perfectly designed for your specific need.

Whether you prefer a high end spa day or just a quick massage, relaxing should be a part of your regular weekly routine. These three Manhattan Beach businesses offer everything you need to relax and let your troubles melt away.

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