What to Know About Home Gutter Repair

How to Clean and Maintain Your GuttersThe home's gutters are more than just an ornament on the side of the home. They help prevent flooding, protect the foundation, and can even keep the soil healthy. But after a while, they can start to crumble under the weight of all that water, foliage, or ice. Water damage does more than just ruin a home's resale value, it can potentially cause deadly mold to form on the property. Here are a few tips for homeowners to keep their gutters functioning like new.

Inexpensive and Effective

Unless the gutters are in terrible shape, homeowners can use gutter sealants as a quick fix. Small holes or disconnected joints can be patched together with this strong epoxy that can be purchased for under $10. If the problem is larger, homeowners can consider metal flashing secured with sealant or an inexpensive patch kit that can also be purchased at a hardware store.

Cleaning a Gutter

If the gutters seem to be functioning well, homeowners should aim to clean them every spring and fall. If the downspouts are clogged, the water can end up damaging the roof or leaking into the foundation, basement, or attic.

Experts recommend starting by the downspout and systematically removing the larger objects. After which, homeowners can take a hose at the other end of the downspout and flush out the smaller materials that can't easily be removed with a trowel or by hand. This step may involve shifting the downspout above ground if it flows underneath or using a snaking tool to get any small blockages that stand in the way.

Safety First

The safer way to clean a Westchester home's gutters is to use a ladder as opposed to standing on the roof. While it should be noted that both methods can be risky, there's less risk if homeowners can stay off the top three rungs and by working on the area directly in front of them. Homeowners can attach buckets (one for removing debris and one for tools) with wires to prevent accidents.

Gutter maintenance may not be a fun weekend task, but the property will hold up better to the unpredictable weather when homeowners make the effort. Use these tips to see better gutters no matter what the seasons hold in store.

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