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Sometimes a personal note makes all the difference in the world. Matt and Isabel wanted a house with at least 2 bedrooms and lots of natural light. Preferably it would be centrally located for both their commutes to work and have an outdoor space or backyard for a studio. They loved hardwood floors and an open kitchen.

We went out 2 or 3 times and then found the Culver City home that they ended up buying. When we got back in the car after previewing this home, Isabel sent Matt a text message that said "I love it!" This house has a massive 4-car garage in the back which will serve perfectly as a work space for him and a yoga studio for her.

During the negotiations, while we were countering back and forth and Matt and Isabel were taking the night to

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As a tech enthusiast, I explore the latest technology and gadgets and evaluate ways to enhance the service to our customers. Google Glass was my latest project and while I think the device is evolutionary (and pretty entertaining) ultimately it's got a long way to go before it becomes part of my every day life in real estate.

What Does Google Glass do?

The most obvious use for someone in my profession is to use Google Glass to provide a live showing of a property with a busy or out-of-state client which is what I did.

This required a bit of set up. My client had to setup a Google or Gmail account, we had to +1 each other, and I had to add her as one of my coveted 10 "shared contacts" (currently, Glass only allows you to specify up to 10

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In the early 2000's real estate professionals began to gain a poor reputation. For the most part the real estate industry turned away from customer service and into capitalizing on the market for ones own interest. Here at South Bay Residential we are not only looking to bring back customer service but to transform the real estate industry here in the South Bay.

If you are looking for a home in Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach or Hermosa Beach you have to meet Greg Geilman. He is a RE/MAX agent that understands technology and brings a refreshing approach to customer service in the real estate industry today.

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After helping Joe overcome many roadblocks and hurdles, we were able to close escrow and hand him the keys to his new home. Here's another great testimonial for Greg Geilman and South Bay Real Estate.

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Helping Marci buy her South Bay home had it's challenges, for sure. After discovering mold and compromised siding on the house, we were able to negotiate a $20,000 credit from the seller to remediate and replace it. We just kept plugging along and stayed on track. Here's another great video testimonial for Greg Geilman and South Bay Real Estate.

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