Using Drones to Sell Homes in the Realm of Real Estate

How Drones Are Changing Real Estate Marketing TechniquesDrone technology is continually evolving, and it seems that along with every advancement another clever use for these machines comes to light. However, it did not seem to take real estate professionals long to discover that using drones to sell homes has a number of benefits for both buyers and sellers in the marketplace. In fact, many real estate experts believe that drones are the best tool to come about amid the industry since the Internet. Here are a few ways that modern drone technology is changing the real estate scene in positive ways.

Drones Capture Dramatic Aerial Images with Ease

Not so long ago, aerial shots of properties were generally reserved for million dollar home listings, as the cost of hiring a helicopter and photographer can cost thousands of dollars. However, striking aerial images and video can be captured using high-quality drones. This allows real estate professionals to display sweeping landscape shots that highlight the property's size, special features and even the surrounding neighborhood such as nearby schools and parks. Agents are now commonly utilizing this capability to the fullest by including dramatic videos and photos on everyday listings.

Enhanced Virtual Tours with Drone Technology

Beyond their ability to fly and capture photos and videos outdoors, drones are excellent for helping agents and sellers create top-notch virtual tours. Both drones and their ground-based counterparts, Glide Cams, can smoothly glide through entire homes capturing 360-degree panoramic videos in high-definition while also taking incredible still shots to complement real estate listings. Depending on the quality of the drone's internal camera, listings can literally look like Hollywood productions. To boot, 73 percent of homeowners are more likely to list with agents who utilize high-quality videos in their listings.

New Business and Lead Generation Using Drones

When prospective clients visit a real estate agent's website and see the impressive quality of drone-created listings, most are likely impressed. This establishes credibility with those wanting to market and sell their home and can help generate a whole new client base. Furthermore drones can be flown with banners that advertise the realty company itself. This can give a real estate agency a leg up over the competition, as potential clients are often impressed by companies that exhibit that they are on the cusp of technology.

Saving Time and Money with Drone Technology

Real estate agents are discovering just how much money and time can be saved using drones to create compelling listings for their clients. As mentioned before, getting aerial shots can cost a pretty penny with professional photographers on board a helicopter or other air vessel. Agents also appreciate the valuable time that is saved by not having to coordinate such events and meetings. A solid investment in a quality drone model can be used over and over again for just about every photo and video needed to successfully promote a home's best features and amenities.

Those interested in buying or selling a Rolling Hills Estates home should contact a local real estate professional. Be sure to ask if they utilize drone technology or check out their website to see how attractive their listings are to ensure that you're choosing the best agent for your needs.

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