Top 5 Coffee Shops in the South Bay

Over at South Bay Residential headquarters, we’d like to think of ourselves as a pack of self-proclaimed coffee lovers. And with that title comes a great deal of responsibility.

After quite a few debates, we think we’ve come up with a pretty top-notch list of some fantastic selections. Read until the end for an exclusive offer we have for our readers!

  1. Catalina Coffee Co. – We’re absolutely in love with Catalina Coffee. If you’re ever at a loss for where to go for lunch, head over and try one of their grilled Panini’s or sandwiches and of course you can’t forget the coffee! You’ll feel transformed once you walk in and are surrounded by library chairs and bookshelves filled with books.
  2. Two Guns Espresso – Need we say more? Stumbling upon this tiny shop may take a bit more work since it’s hidden away in a larger shopping center but you wont be disappointed once you take your first sip. The friendly staff and foam art are the icing on top of the fantastic coffee they serve.
  3. Yellow Vase – This beautiful coffee shop and café offers one of the most picturesque areas to enjoy your lunch and cup o’ Joe. Not only can you walk in for a delicious latte but their bakery section is enough to make a burly eighty year old mans knees buckle. Not only do they offer a great selection of sweets, they also have an incredible menu ranging from omelets and crepes to special house tamale’s and pizza.
  4. Neighborhood Grinds – For many Redondo Beach locals, this spot is a neighborhood staple. If you’re looking for somewhere to hunker down and crank out a few hours of work, this is the place to do it. They have abundant seating inside as well as an outside patio that’s made for the great weather we’ve been having lately.
  5. Java Man – The man behind the Java is pure genius! This coffee shop has some amazing selections. We suggest picking from their daily specials, which always offer something new to try. The décor and atmosphere is incredibly cozy and comfortable. They’re only a few steps away from the Hermosa Beach Pier. Next time you’re thinking of a beach day, take a pit stop at Java Man and grab one of their iced coffee masterpieces.

Exclusive Discount: Mention South Bay Residential at Catalina Coffee and receive 10% off of your order! You only have two weeks from the date this blog was posted so make sure you head over ASAP!


#1 By Regina at 12/2/2019 9:06 AM

So glad Starbucks wasn't on that list! I'm so tired of chain coffee shops ruining what real delicious coffee should be. Never tried Catalina Coffee before but I'll be there next time I need my coffee fix.

#2 By Nolan at 12/2/2019 9:06 AM

I do like this list with one exception. Where is Panera?? I know it is a chain and people don't like to admit they like chains, but Panera is amazing and has great lattes and chai.

Having said that, I will be sure to try Catalina Coffee Co next time I'm in need. It sounds great.

#3 By Neil Kremer at 12/2/2019 9:06 AM

I just found two guns last week. It might be the best coffee I've ever had.

#4 By Miriam at 12/2/2019 9:06 AM

Have you ever tried Tammie's Corner House Cafe in Hermosa? They make a wicked latte and they have almond milk as well as other alternative milk. Tammie is wonderful and gracious and the food there is amazing as well.

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