The Top Country Clubs in South Bay

South Bay provides many exclusive neighborhoods and amenities. New residents are always looking for the right country club to join for golf, activities, social events and more. Two excellent country clubs provide a great place for new residents to network and meet new people.

Rolling Hills Country Club

This is the only family-oriented private club in the area and stays true to the vision of founder Omer K. Tingle. The goal of the club is to provide a great place for camaraderie, family fun and a home away from home.

Amenities of the club range from a beautiful golf course to multiple events spaces and more. Whether you need to host an event or you want to attend the social gathering of the year, this is the place for you. Event rooms range in size from a 15-guest boardroom to a 300-guest dining room.

Enjoy plenty of golf activities for men, women, juniors and couples. If you don't play golf or you prefer tennis, you can take advantage of the many tennis programs at the club including clinics, team training, conditioning, summer camps, leagues and more.

Manhattan Country Club

An exclusive club perfect for singles, couples and families, the Manhattan Country Club provides plenty of space for events, excellent dining options and a state-of-the-art facility for health and fitness.

The club includes a spa, fitness center, competitive swimming pool, 18 tennis courts, a racquetball/squash court and more. Dine in the Atrium or enjoy the poolside grill and bar. Many dining options make it perfect for anybody, no matter their mood. Club chefs use only the finest ingredients and the bar is full of top shelf options.

Both of these country clubs provide a great place to become a member. Golfers will prefer Rolling Hills, while many others will prefer Manhattan Country Club. Regardless of your choice, joining either club will give you many social opportunities throughout the year.

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