The Best Parks in Manhattan Beach

One of the primary reasons people move to South Bay and Manhattan Beach is the moderate climate. A major perk of living in any part of the country where you can enjoy warm weather and sunshine on a regular basis is the prevalence of parks in those areas. Fortunately that is exactly what you'll find in Manhattan Beach.

The only potential issue you'll find with the parks in and around Manhattan Beach is the sheer number of them and trying to decide on which ones to visit. Here are our picks for some of the best in the area:

#1 Manhattan Beach Bike Path
This expansive concrete bike path stretches all the way from Santa Monica to Palos Verdes and is a huge hit with locals and visitors alike. Not owning a bike isn't a reason to pass on enjoying everything this bike path has to offer. Any of the bike rental shops in the area can take care of all your bicycling requirements. Spending the better part of a day here is one of the single best ways to absorb all the views offered in Manhattan Beach.

#2 Veterans Parkway
If you love nothing better than getting out for an enjoyable run in the sun then you're going to love the 7.5-miles of running space in this park. What makes Veterans Parkway particularly popular with runners is the absence of families or people out walking their dogs - you simply won't have to compete with them here for a good run.

#3 Polliwog Park
It might have a slightly odd name but that doesn't take away from just how popular Polliwog Park actually is. There are picnic areas, playgrounds for kids, a dog exercise area for your canine friends, and there's even an open-air amphitheater for outdoors entertainment. Another popular area for the kids is the duck pond. With plenty of activities and a beautiful setting, Polliwog is excellent for the entire family.

The above are just some of our personal favorites from the dozens of great parks you can enjoy in Manhattan Beach.

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