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Sometimes a personal note makes all the difference in the world. Matt and Isabel wanted a house with at least 2 bedrooms and lots of natural light. Preferably it would be centrally located for both their commutes to work and have an outdoor space or backyard for a studio. They loved hardwood floors and an open kitchen.

We went out 2 or 3 times and then found the Culver City home that they ended up buying. When we got back in the car after previewing this home, Isabel sent Matt a text message that said "I love it!" This house has a massive 4-car garage in the back which will serve perfectly as a work space for him and a yoga studio for her.

During the negotiations, while we were countering back and forth and Matt and Isabel were taking the night to

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Bree and her husband, Alex, approached us to help them sell their home in Sherman Oaks. They were anxious to move closer to work because they had just had a baby girl and the long drive to and from the office meant too much time away from the family. They wanted it sold quickly and they wanted to get a certain price. After listing their home, we immediately built and executed a strategic marketing plan.

Less than 10 days later we had an offer and we negotiated an excellent price for them and closed the deal shortly after. Solid, smart marketing is key to a successful sale. Knowing how to effectively promote a property, reach the right buyers and negotiate the deal makes all the difference. We were honored to help Alex and Bree's family achieve

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Dustin and Melissa didn't get the first home they wrote an offer on. And thank goodness! They wanted the beach lifestyle and a house that had an open kitchen and a nice backyard. They found that and so much more right on the border of Hermosa and Redondo Beach.

They wanted to move up to the South Bay from their condo in Long Beach. After pointing them to the Hollywood Riviera and showing them certain special spots around South Redondo Beach, they decided that this is a place they could call home. We thought we found the right house for them, but it turns out there was another one that was even better waiting just around the corner. We were able to negotiate a very favorable price for both the purchase of their South Redondo Beach home and

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After helping Joe overcome many roadblocks and hurdles, we were able to close escrow and hand him the keys to his new home. Here's another great testimonial for Greg Geilman and South Bay Real Estate.

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Helping Marci buy her South Bay home had it's challenges, for sure. After discovering mold and compromised siding on the house, we were able to negotiate a $20,000 credit from the seller to remediate and replace it. We just kept plugging along and stayed on track. Here's another great video testimonial for Greg Geilman and South Bay Real Estate.

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