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How to Conduct Sustainable Home ConstructionOver the years, there has been a continued interest in sustainability. This interest has impacted the construction and retrofitting of homes and condominiums in Long Beach and throughout the United States. New energy-efficient products and design elements make it possible for homeowners to leave behind a smaller carbon footprint. As the trend continues, many incentives become available to allow homeowners to take advantage of building, owning and selling a green home.

Green features have become a major selling point for realtors and potential buyers. Get more details on the growth in sustainability homes and how sustainability may benefit homeowners today.

More Interest in Sustainable Homes

Homeowners have a growing interest in upgrading

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Imagine printing and assembling your future home in two days without the need of major construction skills or burly contractors. ;) This idea may seem like a Jetsons episode but thanks to 3D printers and open source software, we might be printing homes before we know it!

Thanks to some innovative minds within the field, WikiHouse was born. WikiHouse is an open source construction system that lets virtually anyone download, construct and print a home. Co-founder Alastair Parvin is a 30-year old architect that wants to completely transform the field of architecture. Alastair and his co-founders are focused on making great architecture accessible to the everyday user as opposed to having it be limited and only really utilized by the wealthy.


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Wearable Technology & Real Estate

Our obsession to leverage new smart technology continues as we explore wearables – specifically smartwatches. When used seamlessly, technology has strong benefits to myself and more importantly to our clients, so it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends.

You may have read our blog a few months back when we were fortunate enough to be one of the first to check out Google Glass. While we didn’t give Glass a rave review, we have to admit the technology is impressive. The lag in the Hangout video feature combined with the actual device sitting on my face made it undesirable for everyday use (however it is a super-fun toy on the volleyball court).

Smartwatches on the other hand have earned their

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If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you’ve probably caught onto our passion for technology. We were recently approached by California Real Estate Magazine and asked about how we use technology to improve the quality of service we give our clients. They published us in their September issue titled The Creativity Issue, where they highlighted the innovative approaches many Realtors are using. You can read the full article about the interview with Greg Geilman.

Thanks to Greg's technology background, the first thing that crosses our minds when we hear about new and innovative tech is how it can help improve our client service. Technology is a great tool to use in our day-to-day lives but we think we’d be doing it a disservice if we never fully

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As a tech enthusiast, I explore the latest technology and gadgets and evaluate ways to enhance the service to our customers. Google Glass was my latest project and while I think the device is evolutionary (and pretty entertaining) ultimately it's got a long way to go before it becomes part of my every day life in real estate.

What Does Google Glass do?

The most obvious use for someone in my profession is to use Google Glass to provide a live showing of a property with a busy or out-of-state client which is what I did.

This required a bit of set up. My client had to setup a Google or Gmail account, we had to +1 each other, and I had to add her as one of my coveted 10 "shared contacts" (currently, Glass only allows you to specify up to 10

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