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Selling a Fixer Upper House There are hundreds of articles about curb appeal to make a home attractive to potential buyers, and there are many more about quick fixes homeowners can do prior to or after a home inspection to impress buyers and help finalize a transaction. But some homeowners may find themselves in a position where they are unable to make necessary repairs, whether it be because of time constraints, financial constraints, or any other reason. What can a homeowner do then? Can homeowners sell their home without making repairs?

The process of selling a home without making repairs is known as selling a home as-is. To perform an as-is home sale, sellers disclose in their listing that there will be no concessions made by the homeowner with regards to home

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Should I Get a Home Warranty?After purchasing a home, the new homeowner will likely be offered a home warranty by special home warranty companies. In other instances, sometimes the previous owner will purchase a home warranty to give the new owners some peace of mind. But many homeowners wonder: is a home warranty worth it?

What Is a Home Warranty?

Like a warranty someone would buy to protect their cell phone or computer, a home warranty does that for a home and it covers most major appliances and major systems such as ovens, furnaces, and hot water heaters. If something breaks, homeowners with a warranty can file a claim with the company the warranty was purchased from and they will send someone to fix it.

How Much Does a Home Warranty Cost?

Premiums for a home

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Popular Home Styles As anyone who's done even a bit of casual house hunting can tell you, real estate has a language all its own. As you begin looking for a home, it's helpful to know your way around some of the terms used to describe a home's style.

As you become more fluent in the language of real estate, you'll be better at scanning a listing to see if it's a house you're interested in, or if it's one you can skip.

To get started, here's a list of common house styles and descriptors, along with their definitions.

Typical American Home Styles

There are a number of different styles of home available to prospective homeowners. Whether a homeowner wants a cozy cottage tucked away from the bustle of the city, whether they want a large porch, or a

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What To Do When You Recieve a Bad Home Inspection ReportSelling your home involves several steps, from selecting the right real estate professional to preparing for showings and dealing with various obstacles. A common obstacle many home sellers face is dealing with the buyer's bad home inspection report.

So, what happens if a house failed inspection? When a home inspection report comes back loaded with negative items, remember, you have options—a bad home inspection for sellers should never be a cause for panic.

Defining a Home Inspection

The American society of Home Inspectors defines a home inspection as "a documented, professional opinion of a home-based on a visual evaluation and operational testing of the home's systems and components to determine their current condition."

Both sellers

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What You Need to Know About Selling a Home With Unpermitted WorkPermitted work is work that has been performed to code, with inspections from local officials to ensure that the construction is safe. Unpermitted work is work that has not been certified by local inspectors. Safety and quality cannot be guaranteed in unpermitted work.

As a result, many home buyers shy away from unpermitted work. Even for buyers who are willing to take the personal risk that construction might not be safe, unpermitted work can still make finding a loan a challenge. Therefore, unpermitted work can present a challenge for home sellers. Knowing what to do about unpermitted construction can help you sell your property.

Do You Have to Disclose Unpermitted Work?

If you are aware of unpermitted work done to your home, then you

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Narrowing Home Search When looking at potential homes, homebuyers can be overwhelmed with all of the choices out there. Hundreds of homes are on the market in any given city throughout the year, and all of them come with different amenities, different locations, and different advantages and disadvantages that suit each home buyer differently and rank differently on their house hunting wish lists.

Without evaluating every single listing, how can new homebuyers narrow down the search for their dream home?

The Basics Of Deciding "Needs" On a Home-Buying Wishlist

When presented with a myriad of choices, it is best to put first things first. Many prospective home buyers get bogged down in the details of the home: How big is the backyard? Does it have a pool? Does

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Improve the Safety of Your Home With These ImprovementsA home should be a safe place for everyone who lives there. Fortunately, there are a variety of home improvements that can make homes safer. With small changes to the inside and outside of a home, most homeowners can help keep members of their household safe.

Add Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting does more than make a home attractive. The right type of lighting can prevent slips and falls, and can help keep the home secure.

  • Garden lighting can be used to illuminate pathways through the yard and along the driveway.
  • Motion-sensor lighting illuminates parts of the house near the front door, rear door and garage door.
  • Stairway lighting makes walkways up and down porch steps safer.

Some types of outdoor lighting, like garden

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Mold FAQ for HomeownersMold is a topic that can cause anxiety for homeowners. For new homeowners, knowing what mold looks like, where it comes from, and what can be done about it can help them take care of their property.

What Does Mold Look Like in the Home?

Mold in the home can be black, gray, green, brown or yellow. Often, it grows in round patches that cluster together on the walls, floors and ceilings. Mold is most commonly found in parts of the home where moisture is present, like the bathroom and the kitchen. However, mold can be found anywhere where there is moisture.

Where Does Mold Come From?

Mold grows because of excess moisture in the home, which can be caused by many things. Some of the most common causes of mold growth include:

  • Plumbing
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How to Light Any Room in the HouseUpgrading the lighting in a home may be a simple way to dramatically improve its appearance and use. Although not every light fixture works for every room, different lighting choices may help illuminate the space ideally, whether it's for yourself or if you're staging to sell.

General Lighting Tips

Homeowners who find themselves frustrated with the lighting in a particular room should try different ways to solve the problem. People who tend to rely exclusively on one kind of lighting (e.g. overhead lights) will discover that this brash, overly bright approach only works some of the time. A combination of lighting options in each room will help to balance the lighting needs from day to night. The best lighting arrangement for a particular room

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Buy with a Small Down PaymentThe down payment is the first—and potentially biggest—financial investment towards buying a home. With a standard down payment of 20 percent being common, many individuals are left interested in purchasing a home but not able to set aside such a large amount of money as a down payment. It can be expensive to buy a home between initial down payments and closing costs; does that mean that those who can only afford to make a small down payment must delay their purchase?

20 percent down payments may be the norm, but they are not the only option. Homeowners with strong enough credit may be able to pay as low as 3–5 percent down towards their home and pay PMI until they reach the 20 percent threshold. Others might utilize no-down-payment loan

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