Manhattan Beach & Kids - A Family Guide to Manhattan Beach Real Estate

Manhattan Beach & Kids - A Family Guide to Manhattan Beach Real Estate

When we think of Manhattan Beach, family is the first word that comes to mind. Manhattan's vast rolling hills and sprawling sandy dunes create the perfect ecosystem for a family to thrive in Los Angeles, without feeling as though they live in the largest county in the nation. MB is an oasis for those who need proximity to LAX and the 405, but come home to a small safe beach town abundant with some of the finest restaurants and shops in LA. 

Where golf carts and electric bikes fill the streets, almost more so than cars. When your kids aren’t playing beach volleyball, they are spending their formative years learning in the classrooms of some of the most highly acclaimed schools in the nation. MBUSD is known for consistently ranking amongst the top schools in the country.  Whether your little one is in preschool or elementary school, you can sleep at night knowing they are receiving some of the best education in the country. 

The big question is which neighborhood is the best one to live in? We’re breaking down each section by pros and cons so you and your family can find the neighborhood best fit for your wants and needs. 

Sand Section 

The Sand Section - A dream scenario for those who want to live a true pedestrian lifestyle. The most walkable of the sections offers its pros in the form of accessibility. Access to one of the most iconic stretches of beach in the US and top-tier restaurants and shopping. Stretching along the coast from El Porto to Hermosa Beach, the unobstructed views are abundant throughout each dwelling from Malibu to Palos Verdes. Homes in the Sand Section generally abide by a reverse floor plan to maximize the views in the communal spaces of the home. Imagine sitting on your balcony witnessing the illustrious green flash to the sound of waves crashing.

Manhattan Beach is famous for its walk streets. A walk street has the same idea as a traditional street, with homes facing each other—but the road is a large sidewalk and is pedestrian-only. This concept is a dream when it comes to raising children! As a parent, the little ones are free to play with their neighbors without worrying about oncoming cars. As for Mom & Dad, enjoying a glass of wine in your backyard is a social event with your friendly neighbors. The walk street communities are unlike anything else in the South Bay. 

Tree Section

As you can see by the name, this section boasts a little more greenery than the Sand Section. If your family is looking for a little bit more privacy and space but is still within walking distance of Downtown Manhattan Beach, the Tree Section is for you! The Tree Section is located North of Manhattan Beach Blvd and just West of PCH. You are close to amazing shopping centers like the Point and the newly renovated Manhattan Beach Village. Homes in this neighborhood adhere to a standard floor plan and fall within an average lot size of 5,000 square feet.

Parks are abundant in this neighborhood, notably home to the famous Sand Dune Park. Where children come to play, and adults come to get an absolutely killer workout! If you’re more of a runner, or the designated family dog-walker, The Green Belt is for you. This tree-lined path takes you on a 1.5-mile-long journey throughout Manhattan Beach. Along the way, you can stop at a fitness station for a quick and free workout! Leashed dogs are not only allowed but encouraged! 

Tree Section little ones attend either Grandview Elementary or Pacific Elementary, both of which are California Distinguished schools!

Hill Section

Ah, the Hill Section, some of the most sought-after real estate on the Westside of Los Angeles. Lots here can average from 5,000 to 10,000 square feet. Homes here not only enjoy the largest lots in Manhattan Beach but more so the largest views in Manhattan Beach. Views stretch from Palos Verdes, all the way to Malibu, and even Catalina Island on a clear day. The combination of a large view and a large lot comes with a steeper price tag than most real estate available but for good reason. 

Yards are adorned with meticulously landscaped greenery, paired with sports courts and pool houses. Large streets are wonderful when you have guests over for a pool party or Sunday pickleball. The proximity to LAX attracts pro athletes and celebrities, with residents including Maria Sharapova, Zooey Deschanel, Vince Vaughn, and members of the LA Kings, Lakers, and Clippers. 

If your family enjoys space, this neighborhood is for you! The little ones will become Robinson Riptides and sport their Dolphin gear until they are ready to sport their Mustang gear at Mira Costa High School! 

East Manhattan 

East Manhattan sprawls on the East side of PCH, stretching from Artesia to Rosecrans. Neighborhoods in East Manhattan include Liberty Village and Manhattan’s only private gated community, Manhattan Village. Considered to be the more affordable option in Manhattan, East Manhattan allows you to enjoy spacious yards, without the hefty price tag. A mixture of old and new makes East Manhattan a more up-and-coming suburb with the most proximity to LAX and the 405. Sidewalks adorn the quiet neighborhood, which is great news for little ones and walkers. 

Pack up a picnic basket, bring your pup, and enjoy summer Sundays at Polliwog Park for their concert series. The South Bay gathers every summer for iconic performances and a chance to let loose under the trees of Polliwog, starting July into September. Shopping and restaurant options are abundant between the newly renovated Manhattan Beach Village, The Point, and along PCH. As for gyms, The Bay Club and Equinox are within walking distance of North East Manhattan neighborhoods. 

East Manhattan is the perfect place for a young family just starting out! The little ones will receive award-winning education at Either Meadows Elementary or Pennekamp Elementary. East Manhattan has superior advantages when it comes to schools - due mostly to close walking distance to Mahattan’s only public middle school, Manhattan Beach Middle School, and many preschools. 


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