How to Use Home Smart Technology to Save Money

Smart Home Technology that Can Reduce Your Power Bills and Save EnergyThere are certain gadgets that are all bells and whistles for the homeowner. They may look fancy and complicated, but they're not actually doing very much for the house. It can make people think that smart home technology is a waste of money (and time) rather than a way to save more money (and time) in the long run. When it comes to home improvement, see which solutions are the among the smartest if you're hoping to save some dough.

Self-Learning Thermostats

Energy bills can be significantly reduced when homeowners invest in smart technology for thermostats. It learns to adjust the home's temperature based on the family's schedule, and it's easily controlled by a touch of a smartphone. Popular thermostats like Nest work to ensure the right balance in the rooms of the home, whether someone's in them or not. The average energy saving for a family for one year is about $140, which is around the same cost as the thermostat for a lifetime. Plus, this smart technology can blend directly into the walls, ensuring the space stays clean and uninterrupted.

Self-Adjusting Fans

Finding the right temperature when it's hot can be difficult, no matter where you live in the South Bay. It can seem like you go from sweat to goosebumps and then back again when trying to find comfort. There are fans available with technology that will automatically turn the appliance on and off based on the conditions of the room. So if someone walks in, it will trigger a motion sensor to turn the fan on. When the temperature increases, it will automatically turn off. It even accounts for humidity, which when too low can cause snoring and works to make the air more hospitable to everyone. By cutting the fan on and off at the right times, residents get the greatest relief from the heat and humidity without the higher energy bills.

Smart Sprinklers

If water bills are too high, then try a smart sprinkler system powered by Wi-Fi and controlled by a phone or laptop. This system allows the owner to control exactly how much water each section of their yard receives. Certain sprinklers will even update themselves based on the weather in the area. Between the system's help and your own careful monitoring, you may be able to cut down on water consumption by up to half!


Dimming light can not only add ambiance to a room, it can also save money on power bills. Buy dimming kits and then adjust as needed via remote control. There are even bulbs that work with the light switch to mimic the setting sun. All you have to do is flip the switch one time to light up an LED bulb like any other, but flip it twice and the bulb will dim over a half hour or so to help the user sleep. This is perfect for children because there's also a nightlight mode that serves to give kids excellent visibility regardless of where they are in the room without keeping them awake.

Wi-Fi Electrical Outlets

An electrical outlet powered by Wi-Fi allows the homeowner to turn appliances on and off using their smartphone. So if your child uses a humidifier for an hour before they go to sleep, you can easily remember to turn it off to save energy. As an added bonus, this can also make a home safer by turning off dangerous appliances (e.g., curling irons or coffee pots) that have been accidentally left on.

Smart technology has come a long way from thee first innovations on the market, and this guide can help homeowners in Venice or other real estate market pick the best smart home improvements to increase quality of life while keeping cash in the bank. Start shopping around for a few new smart technology upgrades and find out if any of them would fit well into your lifestyle.

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