Photography Strategies For Selling Your Home

3 Must Use Photography StrategiesFirst impressions are everything when it comes to selling a home, and that means listings need to be the best they can be in order to draw buyers in. One of the best ways to ensure a listing is effective is to include photographs of the home and all the rooms. However, it’s important for sellers to note that not all photographs are made equally, and in order to get the best results, homeowners need to know the best strategies. Here are four ways to help take high quality photos that impress buyers.

1. Stage the Home Before Taking Photos

Homeowners who have already looked into different selling strategies are likely already familiar with staging, which is the arranging of furniture to  make a home to make it as appealing to buyers as possible. Staging offers many benefits such as:

  • Giving buyers ideas for how they may decorate the space.
  • Making the home feel warm and inviting.
  • Helping the buyers see how much furniture the rooms can hold.

It’s common to think that these sorts of benefits are only reaped during in-person showings, but it also extends to photos. Photos that show rooms that are empty or messy won’t do very much to entice buyers, but photos of rooms that look like they were lifted from magazines will. Spending time staging beforehand can pay off greatly later on.

2. Use Natural Lighting When Possible

Without light, photos can end up looking dark and unclear, creating an environment that buyers won’t want to visit for themselves. While artificial light can work in a pinch, especially if it’s winter and the skies are constantly covered in clouds, homeowners should strive for natural light because it helps create the clearest photos. If possible, try to wait for a sunny day and open all the drapes in the home to let as much light in as possible to help elevate photos to the next level.

3. Use a Drone For Exterior Shots

Believe it or not, drones are rising in popularity as tools to use in real estate. Drones provide a way to get video and images that would have been impossible otherwise, and hiring an operator doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Drones can capture clear and steady images both inside and outside of homes, but their bread and butter is how versatile they are compared to traditional photography. A drone can circle around a home so buyers can see it from all angles in one fluid video on the home’s listing. Drones are also great for showing off the property, especially if it’s particularly large, and the surrounding areas as well.

Bonus: Use a Professional Photographer

Even with all the tips and tricks available on the internet, photography can still be difficult, especially for someone who has never done it before. There’s no shame in hiring a professional instead of going the DIY route, and using a professional photographer will ensure professional-quality photos that will make a listing pop. Professionals are also able to edit the photos and can choose the right angles for capturing the home’s best qualities, so if the Torrance homeowner isn’t up to the challenge of photographing their home, a professional would be happy to do it.

Photographing a home for selling has a lot of different facets, but using these strategies can help homeowners show buyers their home’s best features from the very first time they see its listing online. 

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