Home Birthday Party Ideas to Make Any Property the Perfect Scene

Life changed over the past few months. Our routines became a luxury. We had to stay at home and work from home, if fortunate enough. Instead in school, our children studied in front of the desktop. We separated from friends and family, canceled events, and dropped off travel plans.

But life goes on and we learn to adapt to its new pace. Celebrations in the comfort of our homes are part of the new normal.

Many of us had to celebrate a birthday while in lockdown. And though you can't throw a huge party or take the trip of your dreams, there are many fun things to do at home on your special day.

The DOMO Group has prepared some easy and entertaining ideas for your home party whether it's for the kids, your spouse, or your own birthday.

Host a Virtual Party

As you might have guessed, virtual parties are number one on the list. Online meeting platforms allow you to get together and spend quality time with friends and loved ones.

Make sure you set up calendar notes, so you can design a customized electronic invite and email it to everyone well in advance.. Some platforms feature themed backgrounds. Unleash your imagination and get creative. Host a virtual party on a Caribbean island or in a penthouse overlooking NYC skyline.

Send the recipe for your favorite cocktail to your friends and ask them to prep. Raise your glasses for cheers and blow the candles while they sing you "Happy Birthday".

The virtual birthday party is fun and engaging. Try house-party apps with plenty of mini-games, quizzes, and brain-teasers. Spend hours of great online partying with your friends.

Organize a Birthday Parade

  • Surprise the kids with a drive-in parade birthday party.
  • Contact their friends, teachers, and classmates.
  • Ask your child to stand by the window and watch as the cars drive by your home (on the big day).
  • Decorate the front yard for a festive ambiance.
  • Listen as they honk, watch as they wave, and hold up birthday signs.
  • Hand them individually packed goodies as they pass by and collect the birthday flowers and presents.
  • Ask the local fire department or police if they can send a car to pass by the parade to double the surprise for the kiddos.
  • Engage the neighbors and ask them to draw a colorful birthday greeting on the sidewalk.
  • Do the same when other members of your community celebrate their birthdays. It will definitely make their days.

Hire Your Favorite Character for a Special Birthday Message

Children love animated characters such as SpongeBob, Mickey Mouse, Rapunzel, and etc..

Call a local party agency and check if they have the costume you need. If they do, ask them to record a customized video greeting for the birthday child.

You can also hire a party freelancer with a costume to join the virtual party. The character can tell a story, engage the kids in a Q&A session, and ask them to sing and dance along.

Baking Party

Gather everyone in the kitchen, put on the aprons, and start the party. Baking is fun for the entire family. Check online or on cooking blogs for ideas for cakes, cookies, candy, and other birthday treats. Or prepare a variety of delicious hot drinks.

Print the recipes and divide the tasks but don’t be afraid to get messy. After all, you are in a baking feast with your favorite gang. This is a great way to spend that special day together and improve your baking skills.

Self-Care Day

Spoil yourself, this day is for you. Here are some easy and fun things to pamper yourself on your birthday:

  • Indulge in a home-spa experience.
  • Tidy your home with thorough decluttering.
  • Diffuse essential oils, light aroma candles, and dress in your silkiest robe.
  • Reward yourself with at-home manicure and pedicure.
  • Exfoliate your face and do a hair mask.
  • Practice guided meditation.
  • Prepare a detoxifying drink.
  • Dress up and put on the fanciest makeup.
  • Or simply have a long and relaxing sleep. There are some good tips to make your slumber extra special here!

Do whatever your heart desires. Practice at home self-care to reduce stress and boost your mood.

Paint Party for Kids / Paint and Sip for Adults

Unleash your creativity. Art is a great way to express your emotions and release the pressure.

Buy acrylic paints, brushes, palette, canvass. Choose a theme and involve the entire family in a painting party. Try finger painting, paint to music, play a video tutorial, and draw as you watch.

Sip a glass of wine if you have an adult painting party.

Make Your Home a Decoration Wonderland – With a Theme!

Decorate your home and create your private wonderland. Order themed party kits from an online store and get the fun started.

There are many themes: from the classic birthday decor to a glow in the dark interior and a 90's retro party. Dress in a matching outfit to double the fun.

Game Night

Switch off your phone and open the board games.

Let everyone pick and play rounds of your favorites. Split into teams and pick a color for each team. Make a tournament and prepare petty prizes for the winning team.

Plan an Elaborate Scavenger Hunt

Don't sit around and open presents. Try something exciting like a scavenger hunt. Spread clues around the house. Check the mailbox, the old trunk in the attic, or search the garden. Scavenging for the clues is fun and challenging. Like hide and seek but even better.

Cook a Beautiful Dinner at Home

Release your inner chef and go 100% BBQ! According to grill experts, the right set of tools will make or break your perfect meal unless you:

  • Prepare the recipe you always wanted to try.
  • Do a full course meal.
  • Cook, bake, grill, stir-fry, give it a try.
  • Play your favorite music and enjoy the process.
  • Light up the candles and decorate the dining table.
  • Share a romantic home-made dinner with your significant other.

Meals always taste better when you add a pinch of love.

Play a Movie Marathon

Put on the pajamas, grab the popcorn, and start the marathon.

Watch classic TV series like Friends, Baywatch, or Sex And The City. If you are into fantasy movies, we suggest StarWars or X-Men. If you are with the kids, play Tom and Jerry or Grizzy and the Lemmings.


Self-isolation and social distancing do not mean that you can’t celebrate special occasions. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or even an engagement - there are ways to make it memorable. Have fun and get this party started!

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