Hiring Professional Movers

After all the hoops you had to jump through to find your dream home, you are ready to sit back in your comfy chair and soak in the benefits of your new place. Well, don't sit down just yet. There is one final thing to accomplish before you begin your new chapter... the process of MOVING.

Looking around each room as you pack sentimental objects, and give away old clothes will help you begin the transition to your new home. But the question still remains, how will you get all of your things into your new home? The process of moving, may take some time but if done correctly and efficently, it can be a smooth process. Walls and nails do not make a house a home, but it is the memories that are inside. So how do you get all your sentiments, your investments and your memories into your home in an orderly fashion?

Well, there are two options. The first, move it yourself. Make sure to call all your South Bay friends with trucks, cousins, people that owe you favors, and anyone who is available on Facebook. Make sure to feed the masses as a Thank you gesture, but only after the move is complete.

Then there is the second option, Hire Professional movers. Yes, the last thing you want to think about when moving is additional costs, but think of it as a price to preserve your memories. Will there be heavy liting involved? You don't need your friends and family breaking their backs as they lift Grandma's china hutch or carry that Grand Piano. These professionals will come to your home, pick up the boxes and place them securely into your new home.

When choosing the perfect moving company, there are some important steps to hiring a mover.

-For instance, get recommendations from trusted friends, and family.

-Get an in person estimate of how much your move will cost and have them do an initial screening. Visit the Better Business Bureau (www.bbb.org) and see how the particular company is reviewed. Check out the American Moving and Storage association (moving.org) and see if the company is a member which means they have agreed to abide and participate in the arbitration program.

-Get estimates from 3 or 4 companies, and once you have these completed, compare the bids.

-Make sure your moving company has the license and insurance it needs to legally move you. Check out www.safersys.org for accurate information regarding the companies legal requirements.

-These steps are some of the beginning steps you can take. Feel confident in the moving company you choose. Confirm the dates and all details of your move.

By following these steps, the process of moving into can become an easy task and you will be that much closer to enjoying all the benefits of your new home. If you need help finding a reputable South Bay moving company, give us a call.


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The best thing to hire professional movers is that you can relocate your things very easily and safely. It is really a nice blog.

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