Great Manhattan Beach Restaurants

One great thing about living in Manhattan Beach is the wide range of top notch restaurants available to you. I know how important finding good local places to eat when you move to a new town. Here are a five of the best restaurants here in the area.

1. North End Café

The North End Café is one of the top rated restaurant in Manhattan Beach. It is the perfect local spot if you are looking for a casual yet sophisticated dining spot. They are open for breakfast and lunch, which makes it the perfect place to stop in and eat on beach days. You are sure to find a new favorite meal in their selection of popular salads, sandwiches and hamburgers.

2. El Tarasco Restaurant

Finding a great local Mexican restaurant is a must whenever you move to a new city. El Tarasco is that place in Manhattan Beach. It is what most people would call an amazing “hole in the wall” restaurant. The portions are large which makes this restaurant a good value for your money. Be sure to try the steak tacos as they are simply amazing.

3. Fishbar Manhattan Beach

Nothing says “I just moved to the beach” like a great seafood restaurant. The variety of seafood dishes at Fishbar in Manhattan Beach will leave everyone pleased. Some favorite choices among the locals include the seafood mac and cheese, lobster tacos, fish and chips, and the oysters. Their hand crafted cocktails will leave you wanting more. If you love seafood, you can’t go wrong eating at Fishbar.

4. Houston’s

If you are looking for a great upscale date restaurant in Manhattan Beach, try Houston’s. This steakhouse offers a great atmosphere, flavorful entrees and decadent desserts. It is more than just a steakhouse; the menu is filled with a wide variety of choices. The bar scene at this restaurant also makes it a great place to relax and unwind after a busy work week.

5. Lido's Italian Restaurant

Another great dining spot in Manhattan Beach is Lido’s Italian Restaurant. They have an extraordinary collection of wine that makes it easy to find the perfect pairing for your dinner. From the delicious bread to the large menu of pasta dishes, the food at Lido’s is sure to please. In addition to serving great food, this restaurant presents an entertaining Flamenco dance show once a month.

When you move, it is important to be able to find some of the best local restaurants. Finding those perfect eating spots helps you make your new town feel like home. I hope this list helps during your dining adventures in Manhattan Beach, California.

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