Enjoy Downtown Eating in South Bay

Michael Zislis is responsible for the opening of Circa and this is one of the best choices if you enjoy the Downtown style. The building features exposed brick and beams, creating a welcoming atmosphere only enhanced by the amazing dishes produced by chef Octavio Becerra and the delicious cocktails created by Julian Cox.

This beautiful restaurant features many dishes locals may not be accustomed to. It's created by award winning chefs with the ability to make nearly anything taste delicious. However, because the owner understands his clientele, you will still find TVs blaring sports above the bar and plenty of recognizable menu items. Circa is taking some very bold steps to influence those in Manhattan Beach and it seems to be succeeding.

With dishes ranking from tapas to full meals including plenty of seafood, spice and everything nice, this is certainly a restaurant worth trying. For those looking for something bold or an adventure into something new, circa is the right place. Whether you need the perfect place for a date or a night out with friends, a visit to Circa will certainly spark conversation for weeks to come.

Circa is becoming a local favorite because of the balance between popular local dishes and adventurous choices for those looking to expand their palate. It's always vibrant with a full crowd enjoying the facing couches and the high-top tables. The high-energy atmosphere makes it feel like a Downtown place and the dishes match perfectly. If you're looking for something different, yet comfortable, Circa might just be the place for you.

The restaurant is open Tuesday through Thursday from 5pm to 12am and Friday/Saturday from 5pm until 2am. It's located on Manhattan Avenue and provides a classy, yet casual atmosphere. If you don't want to wait, they do take reservations.

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