Discover the Roundhouse Aquarium

If you love the ocean and everything in it, the Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab and Aquarium is the place for you. This non-profit organization is responsible for educating the public about the ocean, beaches and tidelands of Southern California, including the marine life. The staff is dedicated to teaching visitors all about the marine life found in the ocean and the environment as a whole.

Many different classes are offered throughout the year and students can enjoy the different topics ranging from specific animals to pollution awareness. Schools can use these classes as educational field trips for their class, as well. Students can enjoy hands-on learning as they learn where sand comes from, what belongs on the beaches, more about the aquarium, how animals interact and much more.

Classes range from one to three hours and cover many different age groups and topics. Whether you're interested in learning about the tides or you prefer studying marine life, there's a class to cover any topic having to do with the ocean.

The Aquarium also offers birthday sea parties for children three years old and up. Choose either the Dolphin party or the Shark party. Parties last for one-hour and include:

  • Interaction with touch tank animal
  • A story about the dolphin or shark
  • Souvenir craft
  • Crown for the birthday boy or girl
  • Goodie bags matching the theme for all the children
  • Touch a live shark (if you choose the shark theme)

For children nine years old and up, the "sleep with the sharks" event is a great choice. This event starts at 6pm on Fridays and lasts until 8:30am on Saturdays. Kids can bring their PJs and sleeping bags and actual sleep beside the sharks. They will get to feed the sharks, learn about their biology and behavior, play shark games and even pet a live shark. This adventure includes dinner, breakfast and a snack. The cost is $75 per person.

If you just want to visit the aquarium and enjoy the many animals, it's open from 3pm until sunset during the week and 10am to sunset on Saturdays and Sundays. The suggested donation is $2 per m person or $5 per family, but it's open to the public free of charge.

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