Craft Beer in South Bay

Craft beer is becoming very popular in South Bay. It's more than just a trend and it grows every month. New breweries pop up every year, new pubs serve craft brews more often and South Bay is full of restaurants switching tap handles to local brews. Beer lovers are found throughout the community and it's always a good idea to take a tour of the beers offered throughout the area.

Taking a tour through the beer scene in the area includes restaurants, grocery stores, breweries and pubs. You'll find everything from a light beer with just a few calories to the richest porter you can find. Here are some of the best choices for your beer tour in South Bay. Make sure you add all these places to your list and cross them off as you give each one a visit.

The tour Start with LAX (Lost Angeles International Airport), where Brewster's at Four Points is found. This is a must for anybody and they carry a wide variety of brews. After Brewster's, you can enjoy the rest of the tour, including:

  • El Segundo Brewing Company
  • Rock & Brews
  • 760 South at Whole Foods Plaza
  • Hot's Kitchen
  • Brew Company
  • Simzy's
  • The Brewery at Abigaile
  • Saint Rocke
  • Naja's Place
  • Strands Brewing Company
  • Monkish Brewing
  • Hudson House
  • The Rockefeller
  • The Dude Brewing Company
  • Smog City

These breweries, restaurants, bars and pubs are located throughout the area from Manhattan Beach to Torrance. You can sample a flight at a number of places, such as Monkish Brewing. With the way the beer scene works in South Bay, you might need to add a few new places to this list soon. There's always a new restaurant, bar, pub or brewery popping up with new beers on tap or a new batch ready for the public.


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