Celebrate Earth Day All Year

The earth is worth more than just one day and it's important to figure out how you can celebrate the day all year long. Manhattan Beach and South Bay provided plenty of great events for Earth Day and it doesn't have to stop. Whether you helped with cleaning up the beaches, helped plant trees or did something else to celebrate, you can continue to take care of Mother Earth for the other 364 days of the year.

A Few Ways to Continue Earth Day

1. Local Products

Manhattan Beach is full of great produce and it can be found at one of the farmers' markets throughout the area. Buying local can eliminate over 1,000 miles of travel from the farm to your plate. This means, you will help reduce the use of fuel, which means less emissions.

2. Plant Trees

If you own land that will allow you to plant trees or you are part of an organization with this ability, you can always help by plant a tree. This can be done any day of the year. A new tree can absorb up to 10 pounds of pollutants each year and produce over 250 pouts of oxygen, as well.

3. Drive Less

Carpooling, bike riding, walking and using public transportation can really help the environment. Even if you just do this a couple days a week, you can cut the greenhouse gas emissions by over 1,000 pounds a year.

4. Reusable Bags or Recycling Bags

By using reusable bags in the grocery store or recycling plastic bags, you can help the environment in many ways. The 100 billing plastic bags produced each year take a toll on our earth and by taking advantage of reusable bags and recycling, you can help with this issue.

Earth Day should be a year-round event. Don't allow the awareness of the one day a year to only last for 24-hours. Do your part by recycling, driving less, planting trees and buying locally.

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