Bulletproof Guide for Real Estate Investing in 2022

Trying to invest in real estate while holding a full time job is tough – but trying to flip houses can be even tougher.  From dealing with contractors to finding money to getting the deals in the first place – flipping often feels like a full time job in itself.  Whether you are a flipper, wholesaler, or Buy and Hold investor – you don’t want to miss this great guide on systemizing your business. 

There are many ways to invest in real estate that can be profitable over the years – such as building equity in your personal home or a rental under the right circumstances. When you’re diversified with how you earn money through real estate, you don’t make bad decisions nearly as easily. 

Photograph by: Justin Ankus of a radical condo in Hamburg Germany

And if you’re interested in timeshares strictly as an investment, financial advisors strongly urge against it, but everyone has a different perspective and lifestyle.  It is important to mind your due diligence in this aspect, as strong economic indicators do not automatically equate to favorable conditions for house flippers.  These numbers will help investors calculate estimates for after repair values and profit margins. 

Markets with low or decreasing unemployment rates coupled with significant job growth should be highly considered.  It wasn’t long ago that the worst part of the recession forced many homeowners into foreclosure. There wasn’t enough equity to keep properties afloat, and homeowners were forced to sell or face foreclosure. Nonetheless, the resulting economic environment made it possible for real estate investors to thrive in 2015 and 2016. 

Conditions of the downturn made real estate investing a lucrative empire. The housing sector made a comeback, and many markets saw prices return to pre-recession levels. 

That said, was real estate investing still considered profitable at the time? 

Using your Online Resources to Your Advantage to Diversify your Skill Set

It is also important to note whether or not there are neighborhoods where people will want to live.  Lastly, it is crucial to ensure that there is enough available inventory in the market. 

I’ve got a series of articles I’ve written that’s going to hopefully come out soon for you blogger pals, and of course our company’s website is UrbanSplatter.com.  And what we offer, is we offer investment products for architects and contractors for realtors to sell! There’s tons and tons of books out there on how to buy real estate or how to buy real estate with other people’s money or no money down. 

The key is if you’re properly structured and you’re properly capitalized, you’ll be there to survive. 

Most real estate sectors will recover in six to 12 months from the Covid situation. I think hotels, entertainment, sporting venues and those places have a longer road to recovery.  It’s going to take time to ramp back up.  And so when things are uncertain, investors also don't want to put money out. 

Real Estate Investment Idea

According to Urban Splatter, modular housing units can be built in less time and at a lower cost than traditional housing. This solution is subject to people’s lifestyle preference, based on where they want to live and what tradeoffs in time and money they’ll accept. Let us never forget we are so much more than real estate professionals who become successful helping people buy and sell real estate such as architects, contractors, media, marketing and accounting.

We are successful because of what drives us to service.  We certainly want accuracy of data for real estate properties, and we do have a responsibility to give the public accuracy for the biggest decisions most of them will ever make.  But does this extend to blog publishing and how much we sell and how much money we make? 

Photograph by: Justin Ankus of a well maintained brownstone in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago, United States

We teach a lot of good things that new folks need to know to survive and thrive, but part of my vision is to teach more about how real estate functions as an overall structure. 

This was truly a collaborative effort, and the only way true change can be implemented is with the voice of everyone heard and decisions made from all sides. 

You should also have your finances in order, so you’re able to make a competitive offer in a timely manner when necessary. Everything I do is based on compounding and compounding takes time so take little teeny steps and over time, you will have the life you choose. Hope these tips help. 

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