Bedroom Improvements to Aid Better Sleep

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Your bedroom is the den where you unwind after a tiresome day. And you want it to be the comfiest room in your home. 

However, tiny obstacles can ruin everything. Things such as light coming from outside, lingering sounds, and the interior design of your bedroom can affect the quality of your sleep. A messy room is no exception, too! 

It’s crucial that your bedroom is not only delightful to the eye but well-appointed for adequate rest. 

This is why The South Bay Real Estate wants to help you enhance comfort and quality sleep in your bedroom. Improvements listed are fun and easy, too! 

Try Blackout Curtains

National Sleep Foundation experts recommend minimizing light entering your bedroom. The daylight and the light coming from outside at night can disrupt sleep. Limit light while you rest.

Blackout curtains are an easy-breezy option to darken your room while you doze off.

They come in a variety of styles and sizes, suitable to please every taste and fit all interior styles.

Use Smart Lighting

Fade lights before going to bed. It is difficult to fall asleep if your room has sharp and vivid lighting. 

  • Use more subtle and cozy illumination instead. 
  • Replace the traditional bulbs with dim light bulbs. You can control and adjust the ambiance of your bedroom. 
  • Use the various light modes according to your own mood and needs. This way, you can also command not only the brightness but also the room temperature. 

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Minimize Noise

A white noise machine can improve the quality of your sleep. You can use it to play calming audio, such as recordings from forests, birds, the sea or rain. It also blocks off disturbing background sounds so that your brain will get that much-needed rest without interruption. White noise reigns over disruptive sounds and will replace them with a sleep-friendly tune.

But you don’t have to buy a special machine for white noise. Use smart devices to play soothing tones before you drowse. 

Air cleaner, Diffuser, and Oils

Research shows that lavender aroma is great to help fall asleep. It calms down the heart rate and stabilizes the blood pressure. This helps your body relax and prepare for a good night’s sleep. 

When it comes down to using lavender at home, you have several options. But the most efficient is to get a diffuser and fill it up with essential lavender oil. Diffusers come in a variety of designs and add the extra touch of style to your bedroom. It will refresh the air in the room and scent it with a sweet lavender fragrance that will ease your sleep. And if you want to take all measures, experts like can help you make the right decision.

Put Order in Your Bedroom

A jumbled and dirty room can also affect the quality of your sleep. Order, however, is easy to achieve. You don’t have to be a cleaning addict if that’s not your thing. Just equip your room with storage alternatives such as foldable drawers, clothes racks, and wall shelves. They are stylish decor and keep the mess out of your place. 

Keep your night shelf clean and tidy. Store your books and small gadgets in suitable places. 

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Think about Decor and Colors

According to color psychology, bold colors are far from soothing in a good night’s rest. When you decorate your bedroom, use less saturated, soft, earthy tones. Lavender shades, warm orange, and subtle red are just a few of your options. 

Use a throw blanket to add an extra layer of texture and ambiance to your bed-chamber. It has neutral colors, comes in different stylish patterns, and adorns your bedspread. You can hug it as a comfort blanket or curl up underneath and sleep like a baby.  

Bring in Fresh Plants

Plants and fresh flowers are not only pleasant to the eye but they also brighten up the bedroom to make it cozier and inviting. They adorn the space without over-flooding it with color. They can inspire you to maintain a clean and well-ordered home, free from clutter and debris. Houseplants can also freshen the air in your bedroom making it easier to sleep and if this is not an option then place a fresh cut flowers in a vase. Greenery helps you feel and sleep better.

Get a New Mattress

A study shows that if you use a new mattress for 28 days, it will reduce back stiffness, shoulder, and back pains. This percentage varies between 57 and 60%. A new mattress will also enhance your sleep by 60%. 

According to the mattress, bed, and sofa design expert & CEO Jonathan Prichard, the lifetime of a mattress is approximately 8 years. If yours is older than that or is not as comfy as you want it to be, consider this the perfect time to get a brand new one. Find a mattress that will support your body weight well such as zero gravity beds or if you have a Murphy bed (a wall bed or a pull down bed), a Murphy bed mattress. Remember that it must be cozy and as snug as a bug in a rug!

Change Your Pillows

Pillows need a change once in a while. They collect dust and other debris that hinder your sleep. They also absorb body oils and gather hair and skin.

Change your pillows every two years as recommended by health practitioners. Make sure they provide good support to your neck.

The best filling for your pillow is memory foam or polyfill. It adjusts to the position of your head and offers better ventilation. The memory foam pillow keeps you cool and gives greater support than regular pillows.

Use Proper Bedding

The temperature in your room and of your own body plays an essential role in quality sleep. 

  • Keep your bedroom nice and cool. Don’t overheat it but don’t freeze it, too. The perfect temperature is around 65 degrees. 
  • Wear pajamas or other sleep attire that feels warm and cozy. You don’t want to have heat flashes and sweat while you sleep.  
  • Get an all-season duvet. It regulates your body temperature, and you can use it throughout the year. It will keep you cool during the scorching summer days and warm you well in the chilly winter nights, especially if it’s made from cotton yarn.

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