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Selling a Fixer Upper House There are hundreds of articles about curb appeal to make a home attractive to potential buyers, and there are many more about quick fixes homeowners can do prior to or after a home inspection to impress buyers and help finalize a transaction. But some homeowners may find themselves in a position where they are unable to make necessary repairs, whether it be because of time constraints, financial constraints, or any other reason. What can a homeowner do then? Can homeowners sell their home without making repairs?

The process of selling a home without making repairs is known as selling a home as-is. To perform an as-is home sale, sellers disclose in their listing that there will be no concessions made by the homeowner with regards to home

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Popular Home Styles As anyone who's done even a bit of casual house hunting can tell you, real estate has a language all its own. As you begin looking for a home, it's helpful to know your way around some of the terms used to describe a home's style.

As you become more fluent in the language of real estate, you'll be better at scanning a listing to see if it's a house you're interested in, or if it's one you can skip.

To get started, here's a list of common house styles and descriptors, along with their definitions.

Typical American Home Styles

There are a number of different styles of home available to prospective homeowners. Whether a homeowner wants a cozy cottage tucked away from the bustle of the city, whether they want a large porch, or a

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What To Do When You Recieve a Bad Home Inspection ReportSelling your home involves several steps, from selecting the right real estate professional to preparing for showings and dealing with various obstacles. A common obstacle many home sellers face is dealing with the buyer's bad home inspection report.

So, what happens if a house failed inspection? When a home inspection report comes back loaded with negative items, remember, you have options—a bad home inspection for sellers should never be a cause for panic.

Defining a Home Inspection

The American society of Home Inspectors defines a home inspection as "a documented, professional opinion of a home-based on a visual evaluation and operational testing of the home's systems and components to determine their current condition."

Both sellers

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Narrowing Home Search When looking at potential homes, homebuyers can be overwhelmed with all of the choices out there. Hundreds of homes are on the market in any given city throughout the year, and all of them come with different amenities, different locations, and different advantages and disadvantages that suit each home buyer differently and rank differently on their house hunting wish lists.

Without evaluating every single listing, how can new homebuyers narrow down the search for their dream home?

The Basics Of Deciding "Needs" On a Home-Buying Wishlist

When presented with a myriad of choices, it is best to put first things first. Many prospective home buyers get bogged down in the details of the home: How big is the backyard? Does it have a pool? Does

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Summer Real Estate Sales A lot of homeowners like to sell their homes in summer, when the buyers are flocking to their doors. If a seller has plans to make upgrades and fixes to the home before listing it, it's important to start without delay. Here’s what sellers need to be doing in the spring for summer home selling.

Schedule a Home Inspection

Most buyers will require a home inspection at the beginning of the process to confirm that the house is in good condition. This is not a good time to discover that there are serious issues requiring thousands of dollars in repairs. Rather than leave it up to chance, invest in a home inspection: The cost of an inspection is often only a few hundred dollars, so, if possible, schedule one a few months before it's time to list

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How to do a final walkthrough to ensure home buyer peace of mind Just before a buyer closes on a home, they will go to a final walk-through to confirm that any repairs were completed and that the house is ready for move-in. This guide can help show what to expect from the walk-through process.

Follow-Up From the Home Inspection

The final walk-through should not be confused with a home inspection. The home inspection is usually conducted very early into the home buying process, to examine various structures and systems on the property to identify any problems. After the home inspection, buyers and sellers negotiate who will be responsible for any upgrades or repairs. This is the buyer's opportunity to check that any fixes on the seller’s to-do list have been performed according to the inspection. Take a

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Buying a Home in a Location Known for EarthquakesThere’s a lot to know about buying a home in an earthquake-prone area. Whether home buyers want to avoid purchasing a home in an earthquake-prone area or instead wish to prepare for living in an earthquake-prone area, it's important for prospective homeowners to know about earthquake zones and how to adapt to them. Knowing which homes and communities are safest can help buyers pick the right property for their needs.

Mapping Out Earthquake Zones Before Buying a Home

When prospective home buyers plan to purchase a home in a state with a high frequency of earthquakes, it's essential for those homeowners to plan ahead and decide the safest and most practical locations for them to buy a home.

To determine if a home is situated in an

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tips for spring cleaning to help a home sell fast Spring is here and it's time to clean your house! For homeowners who are planning to sell their home soon, spring cleaning is more important than ever, because it's a part of the staging process. Home staging can help you sell your home more quickly and may encourage better offers.

Remove Clutter

Clutter can make a home seem dark and dirty, even if it's recently been cleaned. Before removing the clutter in your home, conduct a walk through and identify all the different hot spots for clutter on your property.

Clutter can take different forms in different parts of the house. In the closet, clutter is anything that's been stored for a long time and is no longer needed. On the countertops, clutter takes the form of old mail, unused

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The Veteran Affairs (VA) Loan Program is a mortgage loan program guaranteed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), issued through approved lenders, including banks, credit unions, loan companies, and mortgage brokers throughout the United States for veterans of the United States Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Air Force.

The VA home loan program was created in 1944 as a way to help the massive numbers of soldiers returning from World War II, as well as spouses of those killed in action, to purchase homes without requiring perfect credit or a down payment. Since its inception, the VA loan program has assisted millions of veterans, active and retired duty members of the military, and their dependents purchase a home

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Going over real estate purchase contracts is not just an overwhelming experience, but it can also be a difficult one due to the dry, legal nature of contract writing. Nonetheless, real estate contracts are meant to help to protect all parties involved, and thus, it is very important that buyers take the time to carefully read and understand all documents used in their real estate transaction. One specific point of confusion often mentioned by buyers as they read through these contracts involves the various buyer contingency forms, especially those used for a contingency on the sale of a current home, financing and appraisal, and buyer inspections.

Purchase Offers Contingent on Sale of Currently-Owned Home

It can be a real juggling act for

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