8 Tips For Preparing to Move

Steps For Home Buyers to Prepare for a MoveBuying and selling a home can be exhausting experiences, and there is still plenty to do after the paperwork has been signed. Now, belongings need to be sorted, packed, transported and unpacked, all hopefully without unduly disrupting already-busy lives. Thoughtful organization is key to moving, as is allowing enough time to address every aspect of this important life milestone.

Create a To-Do List

People tell themselves they can remember everything, particularly when they are important. In truth, memories are spotty, especially under stress. When preparing for a move, create a list of everything that needs to be done, from getting supplies to turning utilities on and off and everything in between. Then put everything in order and transfer them to a calendar. That way, deadlines can be spread out over time, rather than everything needing to be completed in the last few days before the move.

Get Packing Supplies

Moving requires a huge quantity of supplies: boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape and so on. Buy extra; it can be surprising how much is needed, and multiple store runs make the task of packing increasingly inefficient.

New boxes can be bought, but many businesses receive their inventory in large quantities of boxes. Plenty of owners are happy to part with these boxes for free, as they would otherwise simply be recycled

U-Haul also has a Take a Box, Use a Box program, which simply encourages people to drop off boxes when they are finished with them so others can pick them up for free.

Research Movers

Movers are entrusted with a family's prized possessions. Take the time to find the right one. If possible, get referrals from friends, and definitely talk to more than one company. Get price quotes and find out exactly what services and limitations are involved. Make sure they have both licensing and insurance.

This should be done several weeks before moving to your Palos Verdes Peninsula home. Among other things, companies may work more cheaply on some days. Pre-planning may allow for more affordable scheduling.

Plan Where Everything is Going

Movers charge by the hour, so a little planning can save a lot of money. Plan where everything is going. It may help to work with photos of the new place as well as graph paper on which rooms and furniture can be laid out.

Boxes should all be marked where they belong on both the sides and the top, as the top will not be visible whey they are stacked. Colored tape can also be used to make room assignments obvious from a distance.

Some boxes will contain more pressing items than others. Be sure those are clearly marked with a special symbol (such as a star) so they do not get buried in stacks of boxes.

Finally, make a master inventory list which includes the contents of every box. Number the boxes and record them in the inventory. This will make it easier to confirm everything has been delivered as well as help locate items after delivery to your new ocean view house.

Get Rid of Extraneous Possessions

It is easy to collect stuff but harder for many people to get rid of it. Yet, every unneeded thing packed is another thing the movers need to carry and owners have to unpack. Sort out what still has use and meaning and what is just collecting dust. Craigslist, eBay and garage sales all offer the opportunity to sell unwanted items. Alternatively, they can be donated to a charitable thrift store like Goodwill and become a tax write-off.

Keep Track of Expenses

On the subject of tax write-offs: Keep track of moving expenses. They can be written off at the end of the year.

Pack Early

A late start on packing means everything ends up randomly thrown in boxes. Start packing a few weeks in advance, starting with the items least used.

Set Aside Important Documents and Items

Nearly every possession will be entrusted to the movers. However, a few things should remain with the owners. Documents such as passports, property titles and birth certificates should be transported personally, as should valuable jewelry.

Moving a household from one home to another is a major undertaking., but patience and planning can limit complications and headaches. Start with a list of necessary tasks and methodically work through them from several weeks out to moving day.

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