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5 Common Types of Real Estate on the Market TodayBefore buying a home, it's essential to take into consideration the various housing types that are available today. From traditional single-family homes to more non-conventional tiny houses, here are five modern styles of real estate popular with buyers currently in the market.

1. Single-Family Homes

These are the most common home style in most cities, the suburbs and rural areas. Constructed on land portioned as a ‘lot,' single-family homes are freestanding and do not share any common walls. Often, there is a garage that is detached or attached to the structure. The pros are that these homes can offer greater space and privacy and owners often have the freedom to do whatever they want with their home if they are not governed by deed or HOA

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Own a Fireplace? Safety, Maintenance Tips You Need to KnowThere's nothing more cozy than lighting a fire in the fireplace on a winter night. And even in sunny California, where winters are mild or even nonexistent, many homes have a fireplace - even if they are rarely used. However, fireplaces can be dangerous if they're not properly maintained and used safely. Here's what you need to know to keep your fireplace in good condition.

Never Leave a Fire Burning Unattended

Fires should never burn unattended. Homeowners with gas fireplaces need to only turn off their fireplace before leaving the room. However, homeowners with wood-burning fireplaces must wait for their fire to burn low: they cannot put out the fire with water.

For this reason, it's important for Manhattan Beach homeowners with a

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How to Set the Right Price for Your HomeWhen it comes to selling a home, there are multiple factors a seller must keep in mind. It may seem as easy as looking up the price of the home that sold last week down the block, but sellers really shouldn't fall into this simplistic trap. Keep these warnings in mind to avoid making a major mistake.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Anchors Matter

The price of the home sets an anchor in people's minds, regardless of whether a person goes too high or too low. And while this term is often used to describe consumer goods, it applies to any item for sale. A person may only be so willing to raise their bid when it comes to a home that's

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cash offer for a homeWhen a homeowner is listing a home, they may be anticipating multiple offers. This can help to drive up the final price offered on a home. While many potential buyers will be financing their purchase through a lender, there may be a couple offering to pay for the home in cash.

Cash offers may be an attractive option for a seller. However, those homeowners selling their home for the first time or who may not have dealt with buyers paying in cash may want to learn more about a cash offer and how it may alter the home buying process.

A Cash Offer or Financing

A cash offer is not an option for every buyer. An all-cash offer enables the potential buyer to forgo dealing with a lender's approval process as a mortgage loan is not necessary. A buyer

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