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3 Ways to Help Your Home During ShowingsA home showing is the first time a buyer will be able to see a home they’re interested in in person, so sellers need to pull out all the stops to make sure this opportunity is the closest to perfect that it can be. But what are the best ways to show a home? Many homeowners are unsure of how to help their home do well during showings, so here are some tips anyone can use to help their home stand out during home showings.

Keep Furniture In the Home

A pitfall that many home sellers fall into is thinking a home should be empty when buyers come to visit. However, that notion does a lot more harm than good, and here are some reasons why:

  • Empty rooms look much smaller than they actually are.
  • Buyers can have trouble envisioning how their
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What to Know Before Buying into an HOA CommunityMore and more new communities and home developments have Home Owner Associations, or HOA's. However, not all HOA's are the same. First-time home buyers should investigate the community and the health of an HOA prior to purchasing a property.

Many HOA's add amenities and value to a community. However, some HOA's may have special assessments on its homeowners. While others may neglect necessary community capital improvements. Potential buyers and their real estate agents should perform due diligence before buying a home in an HOA community. What is an HOA and what do they do? And should home buyers consider buying a home within an HOA?

Overview & Responsibilities of an HOA

Many home owners appreciate living in an HOA community where HOA

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Thinking of Selling a Home as a Short Sale? Heres How Its DoneOnce an obscure option for homeowners in financial trouble concerning home equity and value, real estate short sales are becoming more commonplace nationwide. Short sales allow owners to sell their home at a price below the remaining mortgage balance.

Proceeds from the short sale are paid to the homes lenders. And since it's a short sale (the home will sell for less than what is owed on it) there will likely be an unpaid mortgage balance after the sale, (more on that later.) All mortgage companies and lenders involved must agree beforehand to home short sales. Here is how to qualify for a short sale, the pros and cons of doing so and what to expect during the process.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage

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5 Bathroom Upgrades With a Good ROIChoosing a home improvement that improves both the enjoyment of the home and the market value, is an important decision for homeowners. What home additions or renovations increase the resale value of a home? or should a seller sell and market the home as-is? One of the most popular, other than kitchens, is a bathroom extension or renovation.

Bathroom Renovation or Extensions

When speaking of bathrooms, the decision is often to either add a bathroom or to renovate or make larger an existing bathroom. In an existing home, the decision of either often relates to the benefit and then potential cost of the work. In the case of an unfinished basement, adding a bathroom where there is none could present quite a bit of convenience and advantage for

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How Drones Are Changing Real Estate Marketing TechniquesDrone technology is continually evolving, and it seems that along with every advancement another clever use for these machines comes to light. However, it did not seem to take real estate professionals long to discover that using drones to sell homes has a number of benefits for both buyers and sellers in the marketplace. In fact, many real estate experts believe that drones are the best tool to come about amid the industry since the Internet. Here are a few ways that modern drone technology is changing the real estate scene in positive ways.

Drones Capture Dramatic Aerial Images with Ease

Not so long ago, aerial shots of properties were generally reserved for million dollar home listings, as the cost of hiring a helicopter and photographer

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