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Selling a Fixer Upper House There are hundreds of articles about curb appeal to make a home attractive to potential buyers, and there are many more about quick fixes homeowners can do prior to or after a home inspection to impress buyers and help finalize a transaction. But some homeowners may find themselves in a position where they are unable to make necessary repairs, whether it be because of time constraints, financial constraints, or any other reason. What can a homeowner do then? Can homeowners sell their home without making repairs?

The process of selling a home without making repairs is known as selling a home as-is. To perform an as-is home sale, sellers disclose in their listing that there will be no concessions made by the homeowner with regards to home

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Best Ways to Market a Home In Any MarketThe price a home sells for is ultimately dependent on a variety of factors entirely outside of the owner's control. From the condition of the neighbor's homes, to the state of the economy - and even where the nearest schools and shopping are, some sellers may feel that marketing is unnecessary. But the seller, along with assistance from a qualified real estate agent, should take the time to find and impress the right audience for their home. And this can make a difference in the price the home sells for.

Finding the Sweet Spot

The MLS is usually the first marketing strategy for any home seller, and it's important to hit a sweet spot when it comes to this listing. The price a seller wants for their home creates a powerful anchor for people to

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Green Home Improvements that Appeal to BuyersThink about your present home. Depending on how long you have lived in it, the house may now be tailored to fit into your specific needs and desired relaxation level. But could you be doing more? Don't just focus on making the home as comfortable as possible. Homeowners should also seek to make the significant green improvements that will help them save money on their utilities while increasing the value of their homes. So, what is green home improvement?

Increasing value by making energy efficient upgrades to your home can offer a wide range of benefits. If you are looking to take out a personal loan, you can tap the equity from the house to make purchases, start a business and even make home renovations. Also, you can have more money lining

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Consider basic needs to assemble the right tools for home repairsJust as it's unwise to drive a car without a spare tire and working jack, no home should be without basic tools to make simple repairs—whether it's to do simple maintenance around the house or to DIY larger projects. A home repair kit is easy to assemble. Use a collapsible fabric bucket, a plastic tote or a metal lunchbox as a portable tool kit, and buy only necessary items rather than spending big bucks for a coordinated set.

Here are the items every homeowner should have:

Hammers & Screwdrivers

There are many different types of hammers, but a basic clawfoot hammer is indispensable. Use it to hang artwork or pry off an old piece of trim, build a deck or pound a garden stake into the ground. Look for a hammer with good balance and one that

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Should I Get a Home Warranty?After purchasing a home, the new homeowner will likely be offered a home warranty by special home warranty companies. In other instances, sometimes the previous owner will purchase a home warranty to give the new owners some peace of mind. But many homeowners wonder: is a home warranty worth it?

What Is a Home Warranty?

Like a warranty someone would buy to protect their cell phone or computer, a home warranty does that for a home and it covers most major appliances and major systems such as ovens, furnaces, and hot water heaters. If something breaks, homeowners with a warranty can file a claim with the company the warranty was purchased from and they will send someone to fix it.

How Much Does a Home Warranty Cost?

Premiums for a home

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What to Know About Spray Foam InsulationHomeowners looking to address drafts and improve the envelope of their home may be looking to add a home insulation product, especially if they live in an older home. While there are many types of home insulation on the market, only a few can improve energy efficiency in a home while being able to be used on irregular or hard to reach areas. Spray foam is one of the products worth considering that may help homeowners address cracks, leaks or gaps in an existing or newly constructed home.

Even those not currently interested in the high return on investment that may be derived from improving insulation in a home may appreciate the additional comfort and lower bills associated with heating or cooling a home with properly installed home insulation.

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How Paint Can Add Value to Your HomeWhen the time comes for a homeowner to prepare their home for sale, a fresh coat of paint is often one of the first improvements on the list, and for good reason. Painting the interior of your home covers many of the signs of wear that make homes feel tired and dated. In addition to making rooms look clean and new, however, painting when staging a home to sell offers even more affordable ways to add value and appeal in home staging.

The Benefits of Painting a Home When Staging to Sell

Should you paint your home before selling? Most homeowners stage homes with the intent of increasing the overall value by presenting it in the best possible light. Since interior painting offers a 107 percent ROI for a home and only costs a few hundred dollars,

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Information About Buying LandBuying or selling land can be very different from buying or selling a home. Homeowners who want to buy or sell land should understand these differences before starting the process.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

The Process of Buying Land

Buying land is exciting under the right circumstances. Knowing that there may one day be a house on a property can make buying that property very rewarding. Below are some of the ways that buying land is different from buying a house.

Financing Differences When Buying Land

It's hard to get a loan for land, and some land buyers may find it impossible. Banks need a house in order to leverage the

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How to Pick a Home Security SystemEveryone is concerned about the safety and well-being of their home, and nowhere is it more apparent than in the number of different types of home security systems available. Here are the four different types of security systems available and what they mean for homeowners.

Local Alarms

For homeowners who just want a little extra security and safety to help ease anxieties about a home break-in, a local alarm is the most basic type. Local alarms are always unmonitored, which means there is no way to check on them like homeowners would a smart security device. Local alarms also aren’t connected to a control panel, making them all individual devices that need to be managed separately from each other. Common types of local alarms include motion

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