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How to Get a Permit for a Residential Steel BuildingPlanning to build any sort of structure on property you own requires conformance with zoning and use requirements.

Whether the property is a residential lot in town, a tract zoned for commercial purposes or a site in an unincorporated area, the first thing an owner should do is check with appropriate local officials to determine approved uses and building codes, even if the land is agricultural or industrial.

Whether a construction permit is necessary will depend on the specific jurisdiction and already-existing improvements, if there are any, and the planned use, design and specifications of any addition or new construction. In some areas, a prefabricated metal shed or special-use structure may be moved into a home's backyard with no permit

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What Are the Different Types of Real Estate Investment, and What's Right For You?Anybody with a down payment and who is willing to do research can invest in real estate. However, not all people understand the different types of real estate investment that exist, and those who do often don't know what types of real estate investment are right for them. Knowing the different types of real estate investment can help property buyers decide what type of real estate is right for them.

Residential Real Estate

Residential real estate is anything that involves the purchase of a single family or multi-family dwelling.

Single Family Homes

A single-family home is one of the most common types of residential real estate, so single-family homes make up the majority of residential real estate available for purchase.


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6 Household Pests and How To Identify ThemGuests in a home can be a nice change of pace from everyday life—but not when they’re uninvited. No one wants to discover an infestation of insects in their home that has been growing unnoticed for months, but happens to many people, especially when they don’t know ow to spot the signs that it was happening. For those who don’t know how to spot pets in their home, here are some of the different types of household intruders and what homeowners can use to spot them. 

Bed Bugs

Although the phrase “don’t let the bed bugs bite” has made these pests seem like a persistent problem, homeowners will be relieved to know that they’re actually quite uncommon. If they ever become a problem, bed bugs are easy to identify because they feed on blood and will

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How to Conduct Sustainable Home ConstructionOver the years, there has been a continued interest in sustainability. This interest has impacted the construction and retrofitting of homes and condominiums in Long Beach and throughout the United States. New energy-efficient products and design elements make it possible for homeowners to leave behind a smaller carbon footprint. As the trend continues, many incentives become available to allow homeowners to take advantage of building, owning and selling a green home.

Green features have become a major selling point for realtors and potential buyers. Get more details on the growth in sustainability homes and how sustainability may benefit homeowners today.

More Interest in Sustainable Homes

Homeowners have a growing interest in upgrading

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