December 2017

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Know the Market to Avoid Serious Home Design and Remodeling MistakesKitchens and baths sell houses. It's common knowledge, and the return on investment of well-executed renovations is high, sometimes as much as 85-90 percent. But what about man caves and attic libraries, basement bars or home theaters? It all depends on the price range of the home, the quality and the cost of the improvements and whether the expected return is realistic. Some home improvements will attract positive attention; other "home improvements" will send potential buyers screaming from your property.

Over-the-Top Luxury Home Improvements

Unless the home is a unique country estate, it does not exist in a vacuum. Every neighborhood has a distinctive character. Plan exterior renovation to complement the existing streetscape. Don't let

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How to Sell a Home in a Buyer’s MarketA buyer’s market can be intimidating for homeowners trying to sell because this is when there’s the most competition. How do homeowners make their homes stand out when buyers have so many different choices available to them? Here are six tips homeowners can use to help their home sell in a buyer’s market.

1. Pick the Right Price First

When selling a home, the price is one of the first things buyers consider when deciding if they should look into it further. If a home is priced too high, it’ll be nearly impossible to find a buyer, and if that price is lowered later on, it may come off as suspicious to buyers and their agents and lead them to assume the worst. Picking the right price from the beginning can help keep people from making

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A Brief Guide to the Paperwork of Selling Your HomeWhen it comes to the question of selling a home, many sellers agree that the most difficult part to manage is the paperwork. There are so many forms to navigate and notarize that the odds of making a mistake are high. Filing the wrong piece of paperwork can result in delays of the sale or worse. Whether using an agent or not, it helps to know what is being signed and why. (Keep in mind that rules vary according to the state or community in which you live, whether it's an area like Hermosa Beach or elsewhere.


The deed for the home essentially says that you relinquish control of the entire property directly to the buyer. It has to be delivered to the purchaser, and it's the buyer's job to go over the terms and ensure that all terms are

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Renting Vs. Buying: A Quick RundownRenting has been on the rise in America for quite some time, as student loans and credit card debt lock more and more people out of the market. Only 39 percent of people aged 25 to 34 own their own homes now—a 30 percent drop from the 1970s. Yet sometimes renting does make more sense than buying, especially when you consider the bigger picture. The housing market may reflect a logistical problem as much as it does a financial one. See when it's appropriate to buy a home, and when it makes more sense to rent.

Time, Money, Effort

Buying a home is not only a significant expense, it's a huge commitment of the owner's time and talents. Even renovated or newly constructed homes aren't immune from their share of plumbing mishaps or electrical

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