August 2017

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How to Prepare a Home's Yard for SellingThere's no doubt about the value of a well-landscaped yard when your home is for sale. But sprucing up the landscape to encourage a sale doesn't—in fact, shouldn't—involve a lot of time, money or ongoing maintenance. One of the basic principles of curb appeal is to encourage prospective buyers to envision what their lives would be like in the new home. Do you really want them to think that their weekends would be given over to unending yard work?

Here are 5 easy ways to add appeal:

Use Hardscape

Rocks, gravel paths, stepping stones, brick or concrete patios, "dry river beds"—anything that adds interest without requiring mowing, trimming, fertilizing and watering is an easy way to reduce maintenance concerns. Intersperse trees, shrubs and

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How to Budget for the Home Buying ProcessBuying a home is one of the biggest purchases a person will ever make, so it's very important to budget for it correctly. If you aren't careful with the budget, it's possible to get into a home that's not really affordable or be overextended and struggling if something goes wrong with a job. Naturally, it's not possible to plan for every eventuality. There can still be issues that come up. But rather than worry over every little thing, focus on protecting yourself as much as possible from the biggest concerns. That can make buying a home safer financially. Here are six great tips to create a proper home buying budget.

Consider What You Can Do On One Income

If you're a dual-income family, consider buying the home using just one income. It

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