February 2017

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Buying a Home From the Bank Bargain shopping is not an activity solely reserved for buying furniture or clothing. In fact, as demonstrated by the aftermath of the epic bursting of the United States housing bubble back in 2008, home buyers also like to find a real bargain, and for many this means actively shopping the local inventory of foreclosed homes.

While the purchase of a foreclosure can offer buyers an opportunity to get more house for the amount they want to spend, the process to purchase one has some important differences from a traditional home purchase that buyers should understand before deciding to make an offer on a foreclosed or bank-owned home.

Understand Auctions and Bank-Owned Foreclosures

Buying a foreclosure at auction can seem like a bargain, but

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Staging a Vintage Home When you stage a home before you sell it, you want to present it as a place that will be current and neutral enough for modern home buyers. Staging an older home can still be a comfortable space for future owners. With these tips, you can also take advantage of some of the benefits of older homes, such as beautiful architecture or classic features.

Make Repairs in Advance

A major concern with selling an older home is that an older structure and outdated interior design may need to be replaced. You might be horrified to discover that a home you were prepared to buy needed a great deal of structural repairs before it would be move-in ready.

Ask your real estate agent if getting an inspection in advance would be a good move for your home.

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Home Seller First Impression It's an eye-opening realization for home sellers everywhere - no matter how much time, money, and work is invested into the interior of the home, buyers may never even see it if they lose interest at the curb.

Just as the right wardrobe is important for conveying professionalism in business, the visual appearance of a home, especially one that needs to attract qualified buyers, is vitally important to a successful sale. But what does a prospective buyer hope to see when they arrive at the curb? What will make them eager to enter into the home in order to see more?

The Basics of Curb Appeal

The first rule of curb appeal is simple: make sure that everything the buyer sees outside the home is clean and neat. Just like people, houses can

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