October 2016

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Renovated Backyard When trying to sell your home, the best way to go about gaining the interest of buyers is to have an edge or an advantage of some sort that makes your home stand out above the others in your area. It should be memorable enough to have people picturing themselves living there.

One way to achieve this is to create an irresistible outdoor living space.

What is an Outdoor Living Space?

An outdoor living space is essentially transforming your backyard into a functional space where people can entertain, socialize, provide their kids or friends with activities, or simply be a place for spending time together. Creating an outdoor living space helps the buyer envision memories that will last a lifetime.

The Perks of Having an Outdoor Living

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How to Stage Home During Holidays Depending on your situation, fall and winter can be a great time to sell your house! Shoppers are motivated and the competition at this time of year is often low. With a little effort and some ingenuity, you can sell your home for a very good price. Knowing how to stage your home, what buyers want to see and how to avoid holiday or seasonal problems can help.

Keep Decorations Conservative

Loud, brash, bright decorations can be off-putting to some buyers. To help your home sell for a fair price, keep your holiday decorations conservative. This will allow buyers to focus on the appearance of your home and get a real sense of what your house looks like at all times of the year.

It can be tempting to go all-out during the stretch of holidays

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Promoting Homes With Pets Pets are part of a growing number of American families today. Statistics show the number of households in American that include one or more dogs is approximately 37-47% and the approximate number of households with one or more cats is slightly less at 30-37%. Even though we love our pets, most pet owners will confess to having concerns about how their pet-friendly home will compete on the real estate market when the time comes to sell.

If you are a pet owner preparing to put your home on the market, the following information can help you ensure that your home is fully prepped and ready for marketing and able to impress even those buyers who haven't yet acquired a four-legged family member of their very own.

Preparing the Pet-Friendly Home

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