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Historic Homes That Victorian mansion and old farmhouse seem so appealing from the street. Inside, everything could be quite a bit more complicated. Older homes may be a wonderful investment of your time and money, but to purchase an old house you must be prepared to care for the home more than you would a newer home.

This checklist will help you determine what you need to know about buying an older house before you make an offer.

1. Structural Condition

No home was intended to last forever, but some can certainly last for hundreds of years. The condition of the home depends largely on the original construction and upkeep.

A home that was built well using quality materials will typically last longer than one built cheaply. How the previous owners

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Inherited House Selling Guide Inheriting a home is an event often tinged with the sadness of losing someone close to you. This can make it difficult to make necessary decisions, such as emptying out the home and listing it for sale.

To complicate this, many homes that are handed down as inheritances by family elders have issues that must be addressed, such as the need for serious repairs or renovations before it will compete well against other local real estate for sale.

If you have recently inherited a home and are wondering how to go about getting it ready for market without incurring hefty expenses or additional stress, the following ideas can help.

Verify Property Records

The first step in preparing to sell an inherited home is to verify that current records

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What to Do After the Home Inspection Homebuyers often dread the home inspection, wondering what does a home inspection include. Because finding out what's wrong with the home of your dreams can make purchasing that home a bit daunting. If your home-to-be has just been the subject of an inspection with scary results, the following tips will help you understand the report and react accordingly.

Put it in Perspective

When the inspection is over, it's important to keep a healthy perspective. You can expect that any home that isn't new construction will not be perfect. Pipes deteriorate, walls crack, and gutters age and over many years; older homes change in strange and unexpected ways. Once you start digging for problems in an older home, you're sure to come up with a handful of

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Real Estate Agent Benefits Anyone can sell anything - from homemade crafts to your grandma's old mini-van - on the Internet these days with the help of seller-ready websites. But just because something can be done, doesn't always make it a wise decision.

In theory at least, the internet might seem to make selling your home as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) easier, but working with a real estate agent to sell your Redondo Beach oceanfront property brings several tangible benefits that a FSBO cannot. Before you try and sell your home yourself, consider the following benefits when you work with a real estate agent to sell your home.

Get Market Guidance from a Real Estate Agent

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 89 percent of all home sellers received

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