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Monitoring Credit Before Mortgage Application

It's not fun to be denied a mortgage, and credit glitches are not uncommon. But there are some proven ways to better your chances and sail through the mortgage approval process.

Below are 7 things you must pay attention to if a buying a home and obtaining a mortgage is in your future.

Please note, that we are not mortgage lenders. For mortgage advice specific to your home-buying needs & financial situation, always consult with a licensed mortgage professional.

Obtain Updated Credit Reports

Well in advance of the time you plan to begin your home search and getting pre-approved for a mortgage, order free credit reports from the three major reporting firms.

If you have limited knowledge of how to interpret the credit report, or if

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Home Improvements When Selling a Home

Every home seller wants top dollar for their house. Before placing your home on the market, sit down with a real estate professional and discuss the other home sales in your neighborhood to get a feel for what buyers want and will pay for. Unless your home is still considered new and move-in-ready or you've recently completed major renovations, it's likely a few home improvements will allow you to up the asking price.

Don't swing that hammer just yet, however. Knocking down a wall to create open space or hiring a contractor for a full kitchen renovation may improve the look of a Venice home, but it may not always offer the best return-on-investment or ROI.

Which Home Improvements Offer the Best ROI When Selling?

Certain home

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