August 2014

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This year, California is facing one of the most sever droughts on record. With all of the public information campaigns throughout the state, we’re sure you’ve heard of the severity of the drought and how you can help save water. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner in the South Bay, there’s always a way for you to help conserve water.

If you own a home, installing high-efficiency toilets and washing machines will help save countless gallons of precious water. California currently has a rebate program being offered to those residential and commercial customers that make the switch to high-efficiency appliances. Rebates for washers start from $85 and are dependent on the brand and efficiency. Installing a high-efficiency clothes washer

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Because so many of our clients come to us with countless questions about listing their home in the South Bay, we thought we’d put together an easy 5 step guide to listing your home!

The thought of selling your home may be daunting and intimidating to think about but taking the process one step at a time will make it incredibly manageable and easy to deal with.

1) Make a Game Plan - When would you like to be in your new home by? Will you need to stay in your current home for a while after it’s sold? Are there any deadlines you’d like to meet? These are all questions you should ask yourself before constructing a timeline for the sale of your home. Of course, your listing agent will further help clarify which route may work best for you but it’s

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