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Adults need a place to unwind, meet singles, watch sports and enjoy conversation. Some of the best bars throughout the South Bay and Manhattan Beach area provide the right type of atmosphere, with great entertainment. Here's a list of the top choices for the next time you need to escape for a little adult time or you just want to hang out with friends over a few beverages.

Manhattan Beach Brewing Company

A popular establishment serving everything from salads and appetizer to sandwiches and burgers, you can grab a good meal or just enjoy a delicious brew. The Manhattan Beach Brewing Company has a large selection of beers on tap, bottled beers and cocktails. There's a drink here for everybody and the atmosphere is casual and laid back.

Baja Sharkeez

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While we enjoy working with our human clients, we also help our friends on four legs find homes throughout the South Bay. We are proud sponsors of Bullies & Buddies Rescue - a wonderful local dog rescue organization. We support their efforts both financially through donations (every house sold helps us give back) and by fostering dogs that need a place to crash while waiting for their forever home.

Bullies & Buddies Rescue

As a dog rescue in Hermosa Beach, the goal of Bullies & Buddies is to save Pit Bulls in need. Through rescuing, rehabilitating and adoptions, Bully's is able to help give these dogs a life and an owner a new best friend. It doesn't matter if you've loved these dogs all your live or you're new to owning Pit Bulls, you can help the

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Compared to most regions of Los Angeles, South Bay has more live music venues and bars than anywhere else. If you want to be the center of attention and the life of the party, you need to know where to go. Here are the top choices for live music in South Bay.

1. Pancho's

Pancho's has been around since 1977 is one of the best restaurants in Manhattan Beach. With a garden atmosphere and the location close to the water, this is a top hangout for those looking for live music. Nightly entertainment is found here with no cover charge and all you have to do is buy one drink.

2. Starboard Attitude

Found in Redondo Beach, Starboard Attitude is the oldest live blues club in the South Bay area. There's always something going on here and live music happens

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Not just a cookie cutter builder, Matt Morris Development (MMD) takes the time to get to know their clients before they create the home of their dreams. Matt Morris is the president of his company and he takes pride in providing full accessibility to his clients. With plenty of experience in the South Bay market, Morris provides something a bit different from the other builders in the area.

MMD is a high-end builder of custom homes and helps those looking to invest in their dream home create the look, feel and home they deserve. Morris spent 15 years working as a Realtor in the area before starting his own company. His goal is to help any client looking to build a new home take their vision and bring it to life with a fully functional and beautiful

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Selling your home can be tricky and pricing it to sell isn't as easy as getting an appraisal and slapping a dollar amount on a sign. You need to look at a number of different factors before you price your home when it's time to sell. A real estate agent can certainly help with this process, but it's a good idea to do your own research, so that you understand the right price for your home.

Things to Consider

  • Expenses - You have to consider your selling costs and work them into the price.
  • Urgency - The faster you need to sell your property, the lower your price will be, in most cases.
  • The Market - A competitive market-analysis will show you what other homes similar to your home sold for recently. This is a powerful tool when it comes to setting
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Southern California is one of the top destinations for snowbirds and many of them come to the South Bay area. With the excellent weather, many are attracted once their northern homes starts to see the first snowflakes or below comfortable temperatures. The abundance of top restaurants, shopping, beaches and attractions makes South Bay a premier destination for snowbirds. Here are the top destinations for these residents.

Seascape 1, 2 & 3

The Seascape communities are found in Redondo Beach, which is perfect for the snowbird looking for easy access to the beach. These communities offer a living experience much like a vacation at a luxury resort. With plenty of swimming pools, a spa, fitness room and more great amenities, you'll feel as if you're on

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Before you purchase your new home in South Bay, you need to understand the steps necessary in this process. From the decision to the actual purchase, this can be a confusing process. Here are the steps a normal buyer will take before they make their home purchase.

1. Make the Decision to Buy

You have many decisions from renting a home to buying on contract or purchasing a condominium. The first thing you must do before purchasing a home is actually make the decision to buy. You need to make sure you understand the down payment necessary, your credit and how much home you can afford before you complete this decision.

2. Find an Agent

It's best if you find an agent to help you through the process of buying a home. A good agent will educate you about

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