February 2013

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The decision to rent or own isn't an easy one. There are many advantages and disadvantages to both options. It is essential to communicate your needs to your real estate agent so they can help you determine your best solution. Here are some of the pros and cons that will help you make your decision.

Advantages to Renting:

  • Freedom to move whenever necessary
  • Can be more affordable than a mortgage payment
  • Access to many amenities such as gym, pool, spa, added security and many others
  • Fewer maintenance costs, if any at all
  • No down payment required

Disadvantages to Renting:

  • Rent may rise over time
  • No tax incentives or benefits
  • Certain rules and regulations to be obeyed
  • A temporary solution
  • No tax benefits

Advantages to

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Manhattan Village Shopping Center located on Sepulveda Blvd, is a great place to shop to your hearts content and enjoy delicious restaurants. This premiere shopping center was last renovated in 2000, creating a new look of the interior. There are now plans to bring this shopping center up to date by creating a more efficient flow of the exterior.

With an expansion plan that has been in the works for many years, construction could start as early as January 2014. This Enhancement project will be in 3 stages and is planning to add over 120,000 sq ft of restaurants and retail spaces to be developed, with the addition of more parking spaces and multiple parking structures.

The goal of this project is to bring the Village shops areas together and connect

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