January 2013

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“How are we going to pull this off?” It’s a question we get on a regular basis. John and Nancy found their dream home. The only thing standing in their way is they need to sell their current home in order to buy it.

Sometimes our clients don't even begin looking for another home because they're paralyzed by the confusion of which to do first: buy or sell. "Where will I live if we sell first?" "I don't wanna move twice." It’s a dilemma, right?

Homebuying Options

There are several ways to approach buying a home when you currently own one:

Buy, Move, Sell- buy the new home and move into it. This requires enough cash or income to carry two mortgages until your current home sells. This is the best option if you have the income to cover both

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After all the hoops you had to jump through to find your dream home, you are ready to sit back in your comfy chair and soak in the benefits of your new place. Well, don't sit down just yet. There is one final thing to accomplish before you begin your new chapter... the process of MOVING.

Looking around each room as you pack sentimental objects, and give away old clothes will help you begin the transition to your new home. But the question still remains, how will you get all of your things into your new home? The process of moving, may take some time but if done correctly and efficently, it can be a smooth process. Walls and nails do not make a house a home, but it is the memories that are inside. So how do you get all your sentiments, your investments

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