May 2012

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In these tough economic times some people are trying to sell their homes without the help of South Bay Realtor. This may seem like a smart choice for savvy homeowners who would like to save a few bucks, but in the end, people will likely end up losing money by trying to sell their house themselves.

South Bay Real Estate Agent Can Handle Most Matters for You

We're currently experiencing a buyer’s market, so being on the selling end is already tough enough. How should you list your home? Should you fix it up at all before putting it on the market? Are there legal issues you'll need to resolve before selling your South Bay house? How do you know if your buyer can be trusted? These are all questions that an experienced South Bay real estate agent can

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Luxury Doggie HomesThe South Bay is home to some of the most luxurious properties in the country. And with that comes many lucky pets that get to partake and benefit from living the life of luxury by the beach. Because Manhattan Beach and the surrounding beach cities are known for being very dog-friendly and having lot's of outdoor activities, parks and running paths, we got to thinking... What would a dog house look like if it were on par with the luxury real estate in the South Bay?

Well, there are many over-the-top structures out there. Some are miniature replicas of the owners main house. Others were designed to fit the personality and style of the dog who lives there. There are lots of pictures online of the various styles, but this article had the best examples of

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