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Client Testimonials

My wife and I worked with Greg as our Realtor for our first commercial lease transaction. We were originally thinking of doing it on our own, but we soon realized we were venturing into unknown territory and needed the direction of a professional. Greg was very proactive throughout every step of the process, from the very beginning in helping us find our place to negotiating the best possible terms, and finally in making sure we got our keys. He was very easy to communicate with and extremely responsive to all our questions and concerns. If we needed him for anything, it was rare that more than 20 minutes went by before he got back to us. I would highly recommend Greg as the man for the job in anybody's next real estate transaction, as he will definitely be ours when it comes time to buy our first home!

Jeremiah & Thani

This past year I made the daunting and life-changing decision to try and become a first time home-buyer in Southern California. As a single girl who had never made this kind of purchase before, I was in dire need of guidance and help from someone I could trust to get me through the process successfully. Luckily for me, I fell into the capable and caring hands of Mr. Greg Geilman. I was extremely pleased and impressed with all of the blood, sweat and tears he put into my purchase. At our first meeting, he really took the time to listen to and understand everything I was looking for. He was never pushy, making sure that all of the homes we saw were specifically catered to my needs, making finding the perfect place easier than I imagined. I am a person who asks a TON of questions, and at every stage of the process, Greg went above and beyond to answer all of them quickly and effectively, even the ones that were outside the scope of his job as a realtor. After I did decide on a home, he had an elevated sense of urgency to get the deal done right, and did everything in his power to make things easy and comfortable for me, including taking a couple 11:30 PM calls to fit my hectic schedule. He was also able to advise on financial, insurance and tax contacts and all of the little things that come along with home-ownership after the deal is done. If you are looking to buy a home in Southern California, I would strongly advise you to meet with Greg – He will make you feel like priority number one, and will make your experience a wonderful one! -Lindsay


I've worked with Greg in the past and highly recommend him. Greg has a burning passion for real estate and it comes through in everything he does. He's an excellent negotiator and communicator. He's always there when you need him, happy to help. But maybe his best trait is that he's a friendly, genuine guy and pleasant to work with. Something that can be difficult to find in the real estate world.


Greg Geilman and his team sold our home in Redondo Beach in two weeks and helped us find our next home.  They were great to work with and exceeded our expectations on what they were willing to help us with.  Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Dan & Jonelle K.

Greg is reliable, knowledgeable, and most of all, honest. He helped me buy my first place and was very helpul during the entire process. A home purchase is obviously a huge decision and investment and you definitely want someone with the integrity of Greg on your team. My place was on the very low end for South Bay but I didn't feel any less important as a client. Greg will have my business for the next purchase and I highly recommend him to others.


I'm really happy with my purchase. I love my new home. Being a first time home buyer can be an extremely challenging and stressful process. I decided to go with Greg because of his patience. When I learned Greg was in real estate, I was not in the market to purchase a house. Even though I wasn't quite ready, Greg diligently called or emailed me every few months. These contacts were a perfect mix of information about housing, mortgages and the opportunities available in the market. When I finally decided to begin looking, I told Greg the price, the neighborhood and style home I wanted. I was shocked when he showed me the home that I ended up buying on the first day of searching. He really nailed it. During the purchase process Greg was a savvy negotiator and a calming voice of reason in what at times felt like a storm of chaos. As we have all heard, home buying in these times can be extremely challenging. Greg went well beyond my expectations to save my loan when a banking error threatened the deal. He worked quickly and efficiently to organize the builder, the lender and myself to resolve confusion and get my escrow back on track. I am sure I would not own my home today if it were not for Greg’s hard work over the holidays. I have already recommended Greg’s services to friends and will continue to recommend him in the future. I look forward to working with Greg for future real estate projects.

Joe F.

When buying our first property in the US, We had some trepidation about the process, market and economy in general. I needed to work with more than a real estate agent; I need to work with a smart, savvy and honest advocate. Greg Geilman proved to be just that. Greg was extremely helpful in getting us exactly the right property for our family. He listened to us and took the time to get to know us right from the get-go. With our vision, best interests at heart and a lot of patience, he found us the perfect place. He was a guiding hand throughout the entire process and really helped us overcome the knowledge gaps and vagaries that can come when embarking on finding that perfect home or investment. I highly recommend Greg to any buyer or seller. You are in great hands with him.

Robb & Jo

I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the professionalism and diligence of Greg Geilman. Greg and I recently worked together to complete a transaction that was one of the smoothest and most enjoyable of my career. He represented his buyer clients with the utmost care and expertise. I quickly realized that he was assertive and tenacious in his approach to business. Our transaction was not without its challenges, but the experience was positive and Greg's attitude was proactive and solution-based. I really appreciate an agent who can successfully represent clients in a win-win transaction. Greg's partnership with me never conflicted with his partnership with his clients. We worked together to provide the desired results for each of our clients. It was a pleasure to work with Greg. He brought a fresh, intelligent energy to the process that I wish more agents would provide. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Greg in the future!   Director - Relocation & Corporate Services


The act of selling a house has changed dramatically since 1973! And, we were fortunate to have Greg guide us through changes that we had to make to more accurately represent our house and to reach the largest amount of people possible. He supported us in ways that surprised us and others we talked to. He was open to new ways of trying to bring in buyers. His dedication to our goals exceeded our expectations. He was also very knowledgeable in the steps we needed to take in order to get the house ready for escrow.

Thank you, Greg, for your hard work and sticking with us through thick and thin!

Brad and Mary P

I am writing to say thank you for helping us in getting our first home. It was a happy coincidence that I found you and I am very grateful that you are such a wonderful person to work with. Even though getting through it was a process, having someone that we can trust really made the process much more pleasant. You are not just our real estate agent, you are a good friend to us. I would highly recommend you to anybody I know who is looking for their dream home. I am sure they will be as happy as we are.

Joe & Miyuki