South Bay's Hidden Tapas Bar!

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Bar Comida in Redondo Beach

Bar Comida - Redondo Beach

Located in the Redondo Beach Riviera Village, Bar Comida is the perfect dinner getaway that has a lot more to offer than upscale dining and sensational dishes. Bar Comida is one of the three restaurants that are a part of the Chez Melange family. Located just steps to the beach, Bar Comida is one of our first dinner choices for great ambiance and casual dining.

Throughout the years, Chez Melange has become a staple within the South Redondo Beach community. They’ve made a name for themselves by creating delicious dishes that go beyond the everyday.

Although the Chez Melange bistro is an experience in and of itself, Bar Comida has got to be our favorite. It’s a hidden tapas bar that many don’t know about! Chef Diane is one of our favorite characters that has infused her love of food with her passion for people and dining. Every new change/addition to her menu creates a new experience for diners and their taste buds. We don’t rave about restaurants too often so it’s refreshing to find a truly unique experience so close to home.

Dining Atmosphere at Bar Comida

Half the fun of dining at Bar Comida is the atmosphere that’s created by great music and Chef Diane’s stories. Her cuisine is inspired by her mother’s kitchen where she initially learned to cook and share her love through food. While Chef Diane prepares food right in front of you in her open kitchen, she also shares her life experiences and stories with diners. Dining at Bar Comida is like going to dinner at an old friends house where you spend hours catching up.

With so many upscale restaurants in the area that pride themselves on formal dining, Bar Comida’s unique approach to cuisine is a welcomed breath of fresh air. The laid back atmosphere perfectly compliments the small exciting dishes that are served. Next time you're trying to pick a new dinner location, try Bar Comida. We promise you won't be disappointed!

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Diane Scalia wrote: Ani! This story is so wonderful, thank you so much! I am humbled and so very flattered by your kind words and yes, I will make sure I share this with everyone. Hope to cook for you and yours in my "home" again, as soon as possible. Thank you again!

Posted on Friday, May 30th, 2014 at 8:19am.

Ani Stepanian wrote: So glad you enjoyed the blog Diane!

Posted on Monday, June 2nd, 2014 at 5:00pm.

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