Renaming Artesia Boulevard & the Redondo Beach Waterfront Project

Posted by on Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 at 4:13pm.

There has been buzz for a while about renaming Artesia Boulevard to Redondo Beach Boulevard. The city will be moving forward with the proposal in the coming weeks, hosting two informational sessions for residents. The renaming has been discussed for the past few years but plans are finally getting underway to begin serious discussions about moving forward.

The informational sessions on renaming Artesia Boulevard will be held at the North Branch Library in Redondo Beach. Artesia Boulevard was formerly known as Redondo Beach Boulevard but when Caltrans took over ownership of the section of road, they renamed it with plans of extending the 91 freeway. Since then, the city has taken back control of Artesia Boulevard and traction has grown around renaming the stretch of road.

The hope is that renaming Artesia Boulevard will spark more business and tourist activity in the area. Another historical street renaming was the transition from changing Center Street to Manhattan Beach Boulevard, which helped strengthen city identity and tourist activity.

Renaming Artesia is yet another step Redondo Beach is taking to revitalize the city. Like the renaming project, the Redondo Beach Waterfront Project is also a huge step towards rejuvenating the area and drumming up tourist buzz. With the Waterfront Project, there will be a brand new Harbor Patrol and Lifeguard facility, a renovated Seaside Lagoon building, pier streetscape improvements and pier parking upgrades.

If you’d like to attend the public meetings about the renaming, there will be one held on Thursday December 12th from 6-7pm. There will also be a second meeting held on December 16th from 12-1pm.

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