Redondo Beach Celebrates Turkey Jon & Beach City Living

Posted by on Tuesday, November 26th, 2013 at 11:03am.

When talking about the beach cities in the South Bay, residents and tourists think wide beaches, good climate, safe, top-notch schools, plenty of shops, restaurants and recreation. These are just some of the reasons that tourists flock to the area and why property values continue to rise.

But, there are many longtime South Bay residents who remember a simpler era, a time before highly-priced homes and frequent tourism moved in. This is the nostalgia a handful of local artists will be channeling at an exhibition scheduled for the eve before Thanksgiving, aptly named Hey Turkey Day. The turkey reference is twofold -- it reflects both the timing of the show and Turkey Jon, a Hermosa Beach icon whose daily agenda has for years included a long, leisurely bike ride along The Strand.

Locals know Turkey Jon, and he knows them. He's famous in the area for asking would-be friends if they'll take him in the water. Turkey Jon’s notoriety is not only known to those that frequent Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach. LA Times has written articles on Turkey Jon and his almost cult like following by locals in the area.

The event is this coming Wednesday the 27th and it is being put on by Ego Fine Art Gallery in Redondo Beach. The exhibit starts at 6pm and goes until 10pm. There will be an after-party across the street at VFW. The location is special, too -- local punk band Pennywise used to practice in the gallery space, and Fletcher of the same band once lived there. For years it was Cannery Row, a kind of last symbol of the creative culture of the Beach Cities. Ego Fine Art moved in this year, but still, it continues to honor local traditions and homegrown talent.

Wednesday night, there will be food and drinks and work created by the following local artists: M1SK - Made 1n Southern Kalifornia, Max Becker, Max Hanson, Mirko Antich, Maggie Lochtenberg, Sam Harang, Andrea Revenant, Chris Bowman, Tyler S. Williams, Nickolai Preiss, Johnny 2/3, Harrison Cantelmo, Vulture Vintage, Anthony Hernandez, Alby There, Marcus Poydras, Matt Borgia, Brent Broza, and Mike Smith. To see their representation of an old Beach Cities culture, swing by Ego Fine Art Gallery located at 631 N. Francisca Ave in Redondo Beach.

Visit the events Facebook Page to RSVP and get more information.

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