Property Trends In 2013 For Manhattan Beach

Posted by on Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 at 1:59pm.

The real estate market throughout the United States is experiencing something of a renaissance right now. The mortgage meltdown left many investors with something of a bitter aftertaste in their investment portfolios but the worm has finally turned. Many banks are now openly offering low interest mortgages again. These mortgages are being taken up by a small horde of eager investors who have spotted the many real estate opportunities that exist right now throughout South Bay and Manhattan Beach.

In Manhattan Beach we're experiencing the same upsurge in property sales, which seems to be happening in many other parts of the country. The property market in Manhattan Beach is now at a point where homes here are selling so quickly that inventory levels are actually dropping as a result. This is something nobody really expected to happen after the whole "Fiscal Cliff" debacle of early January 2013. That being said we can only describe property sales throughout Manhattan Beach as being extremely healthy.

On that note there is a specific area of huge opportunity in Manhattan Beach right now and this is one that is only being utilized by investors with real foresight. These properties exist east of Sepulveda and they're being sold so quickly we barely have time to list them. Traditionally properties in east MB weren't as popular because they were further away from the beach, which in turn meant they fetched lower prices as a result. The flip side of that is the lot sizes on properties in this part of the city are far bigger than elsewhere in MB. You had to balance the extra distance from the beach with the fact that you got a lot more real estate for the same price, or less in some cases.

East Manhattan Beach is someplace you need to keep a very careful eye over the next few months.

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Mark Hide wrote: Great article and good job for giving your buyers some insight on new opportunities. I am in Orlando and our market in heating up as well - low inventory and higher prices!

Posted on Sunday, March 17th, 2013 at 1:29pm.

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