Love The Idea of Having An Electric Car But...?

Posted by on Friday, March 15th, 2013 at 3:01pm.

As much as some people might like to deny it our planet, and the people living on it, have a whole new "reality" coming their way over the next few decades. The simple fact is that fossil fuels are running out and with ongoing population and industrial growth there simply won't be enough to fuel cars run on gas or diesel in the very near future.

Enough energy arrives from the star at the heart of our solar system each day to power every single device on the planet and many electric car owners and numerous manufacturers are taking full advantage of that, Tesla being one prime example.

California has always led the way in the development of green automotive technologies but what prevented many people from wanting to own an electric car was the shortage of charging facilities located anywhere other than their own home. An electric car is, on average, 300% more energy efficient than a normal gas-powered vehicle but the range of an average electric car is roughly 3 times less than that of the average car with an internal combustion engine. This presents you with the dilemma of wanting to be environmentally friendly by owning an electric car, but not wanting to be limited in how far you can drive each day on a single charge.

Now owners of electric cars in Manhattan Beach can benefit from the availability of a charging station in the city, one of many being made available throughout California. The availability of this electric amenity means that you can extend the range of your electric car significantly - enough to even challenge the distances covered by a standard gas-powered vehicle. Another point worth noting is that if you decide to buy an environmentally friendly car you can get a tax credit of up $7,500 for doing so.

So now you can enjoy longer journeys in your electric car and still do your bit to help Mother Earth stay lush, green and healthy.

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