(in)visible systems Art Exhibition @ Manhattan Beach

Posted by on Friday, March 29th, 2013 at 11:00am.

Manhattan Beach is famous for a lot of reasons, including its close proximity to Los Angeles and Hollywood. What you may not know about Manhattan Beach, is there are more artists and designers living and working here than in 90% of other communities across the country. This is part of the overall "work from home" reputation that our city has. More than 10% of residents work from home.

So in addition to having a beautiful climate and amazing beaches the city can also be proud of its artistic leanings, and from February 15th until March 14th 2013 you'll have the opportunity to visit one of these artistic exhibitions for free.

The (in)visible systems exhibit at the Creative Arts Center will showcase the works of three female South Bay artists and focuses on the geometric patterns which exist both naturally and by sheer force of will in their art.

The artists behind the exhibition are Linda Jo Russell, Betsy Lohrer Hall and Kimiko Miyoshi, and they look forward to demonstrating the interplay between colors and lines in their artwork. Viewing their exhibits will also allow you to contemplate on the way their work hides and reveals the relationship between what is on the surface and what is covered, in each individual piece.

As a venue the Creative Arts Center in Manhattan Beach is an ideal place to see artwork. The Center itself regularly hosts the work of local and emerging artistic talent, in addition to exhibits from renowned international artists.

If you're looking for something slightly different to occupy you for a few hours, and to also engage you, then the (in)visible systems is well worth a visit.

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